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Social Media and SEO: How Social Media can Improve SEO

One of the most talked-about topics in the online search industry is the impact of social media on SEO. Specifically, this topic is more about whether social media helps in improving SEO. According to the digital marketing agency, SEO is one of the most important components for the growth of a business in the digital world, where competition is fierce and huge. In this article, we have discussed in detail how social media can impact SEO rankings.

Here’s How Social Media Helps SEO

Though social media may not impact SEO rankings directly, it can, however, affect the factors which ultimately impact the SEO rankings. Social media can easily drive traffic to a website. Sharing links on social media profiles can help in attracting more traffic to the website. Additionally, social media platforms can also help with the content and is one of the best ways for increasing the SEO ranking of a website.

Creating quality content provides users with detailed information about a business. Content comes in many different forms such as videos, blogs, eBooks, as well as infographics. This art of content marketing includes sharing information with the users about the topics that they are searching for. After the users find the required content, they spend some time going through it. When your audience spends more time on a web page, it sends a signal to the search engine that the web page is quite valuable. This way, the search engines would rank the website higher in the SERP.

People can also find the content organically, thus, a business can easily use social media for reaching out to a greater number of people. This helps in increasing the customer base of a business. Social media also helps users to share content with their followers which help in keeping them engaged. Also, since the followers can share this content further, it further exposes your content. This way, brand awareness is also increased and more traffic comes to your web page. This also helps in improving SEO rankings.

Best Practices for Social Media SEO

Three main strategies can be followed to create opportunities for social media to help in organic search efforts. These strategies can be seen below:

●        Create Link Opportunities: An effective practice for promoting content on social media and gaining more traffic is to create link opportunities. This means that one can approach other website owners as well as bloggers for linking the content or a part of it to their social media profiles or posts. In this way, the content can reach a huge audience that ultimately leads to more traffic as well as conversions.

●        Increase Positive Brand Mentions: If a specific brand gets a many positive brand mentions on social media platforms, it would force the search engines to recognize this brand and view it as an ‘entity’. This would ultimately lead to an increase in the SEO ranking of the brand while bringing in more traffic for the business.

●        Build Partnerships: You can also use social media for building strategic partnerships. This is a great way of boosting traffic and enhancing the SEO ranking of a brand. Slowly, it is becoming difficult for brands to reach their target audience organically. Hence, you need to focus on other methods for reaching potential customers. Fostering relationships with other website owners as well as bloggers can also help you in reaching a huge customer base and ranking higher in SERP.

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The Connection Between Social Media and SEO Rankings

The main link between social media and SEO rankings begin from content marketing. Content marketing is about enticing, informing as well as entertaining your target audience. Social media is considered a good platform for promoting content. SEO helps in making sure that the digital activity of a brand enhances its search engine ranking.  All these things work together and help in achieving relevance for the target audience. High-quality content is:

  • Client-centric
  • Provides guidance and value
  • Presentable and shareable
  • Non-promotional
  • Free of jargon

High-quality content creation is one of the best ways of getting maximum benefits through SEO efforts. There is new content being produced across the world daily. Most of the search engines crawl the internet and then create an index for finding out the best sites when people search for something.

This process of crawling as well as indexing can turn out to be tedious and hence Google might turn to Twitter for finding out new content. In the year 2015, Google had signed a deal with Twitter which allowed it to access Twitter’s public data generated by over 300 million users. Thus, the profile information, the tweets as well as other public data of Twitter users is easily available to Google in real-time.

Optimizing Social Media for SEO

There are many ways in which social media platforms can be optimized for SEO. Following are some tips for making the most of it:

  • Integrate Social Media tools in your Website: One can include social sharing tools in the website’s architecture. Try including direct web links you’re the social media profiles from the website and vice versa. You can also include social media sharing buttons in your blog posts. Generally, social media links are high-quality links because they have high web authority.
  • Align Social Media Profiles with SEO keywords: Keywords tend to play an important role in maximizing exposure of social media profiles. It is thus important to structure the main keywords and align them with your social profile so that you can rank higher in keyword searches.
  • Maintain Consistency: Although it can be quite easy to make a social media profile, yet this is one area where businesses tend to fall short. The social media profile information has to be 100% complete as search engines tend to favor profiles that have complete information. This also helps in creating a professional experience for other people.
  • Include Target Keywords in your Social Media Posts: Keywords also play an important role for a website, blog, or ad campaigns, hence they are overall very important for social content. This also keeps the content relevant for the target audience.
  • Include Branded Cover Images: When a user visits your social media page, the first thing that he notices is the cover image. This is a good opportunity for you to convey your brand’s message to your present as well as prospective consumers. One should also apply the recommended size guides according to different social media platforms. Ensure that the cover image is correctly formatted and is visible to the users. Also, make sure that you use professional images.
  • Be Social on Social Media Channels: Mostly, search engines look for social signals and frequency of posting of business while ranking it for SEO. They also consider the number of users who have been interacting with the business or the social sharing elements that you have added for visitors. The major idea behind such social media platforms is to develop relationships and thus, it is crucial to share relevant content with the followers.
  • Always Stay in Control: One should never allow the employees to use a personal email for managing or creating the brand’s social media account. A company-controlled email account should be used always. Also, one should not forget to optimize the social media account which you no longer have personal access to.


Many digital marketing experts claim that social media platforms play an important role in the overall SEO strategy of a business. This can be easily seen through the above points. Thus, it is important to optimize the social media profile for ranking higher in the search engine results page. If you want to get digital marketing services like- Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and linkedIn, you can visit us. If you need at least 10k instagram followers just follow us.