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7 Trends For Digital Marketing In 2022    

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving, as marketers discover new ways of reaching customers. The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly – and the forecast for 2022 could be even brighter.

With this year’s top digital marketing trends looming on the horizon, marketers need to stay abreast of what works and what doesn’t in order to reach their customer base effectively.

While it is impossible to accurately predict exactly which strategies will be the most successful going into the future, there are several top digital marketing trends that will affect digital marketers this year.

1. Lead generation

To make it easier for businesses, lead generation platforms do the hard work when it comes to bringing in high quality, convertible leads.

Rentround is one such example that makes it easier for estate agents to boost their marketing.

The comparison tool helps landlords and vendors to compare estate agent fees for free. During the comparison, leads provide their contact details which are then passed onto agents to make a deal

This tool is being used as a key asset for many big agents as part of their own marketing.

Estate agent marketing is tough as are many other industries due to saturation. However sites like Rentround allow agents and other companies on their business, while taking care of the marketing for them

2. Artificial Intelligence Will Drive Marketing

AI has already taken over many aspects of our lives thanks to recent transformations in technology, have you heard about BMF Orders For Case and Elite + WP Amplify in marketing? It is helping us with our everyday tasks, like searching for different items on the web. Much of what AI will do is to enhance current processes and this will affect marketing in huge ways.

For example, AI algorithms can scan big data sets to understand consumer behavior, preference patterns and buying behaviors which are then used to improve digital advertising campaigns. This enhances marketing efforts significantly, giving marketers more precise outcomes and helping them to hit their target.

3. Digital Brand Relations Will Be More Personalized

As mentioned above, AI can help marketing teams understand consumer behavior very well. This helps the process of personalizing interactions between brands and consumers which will create unique, dynamic experiences for customers.

Brand-customer relationships will be more personal and dynamic, allowing brands to make a deeper impression on the people they meet. This will lead to a higher level of conversation between consumers and businesses which can help to enhance trust between them.

4. Customers Will Control The Marketing Experience By Using Digital Messaging

Another way that brands can enhance customer experiences is by using digital messaging devices such as chatbots and virtual assistants. These tools use messaging protocol to automate communication between companies and their customers.

This provides customer support when they need it, so when a question is asked it appears in the chat box or an automated voice answers, to provide information about products or services. Customers will have the experience of being able to communicate with brands wherever they are, on whatever device they choose and by using whatever messaging service they prefer.

5. Social Media Marketing

Another major top digital marketing trend in 2022 focuses on social media platforms. Take a look at top digital marketing trends for 2017 , and you’ll see the top platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr. By 2022 top digital marketing trends indicate that many of these platforms will either decrease or increase somewhat in popularity.

However social media is still important for online marketers who want to reach a large audience. One top digital marketing trend in 2022 is the increased popularity of video-based social media platforms, such as Instagram TV and Snapchat. By 2022 top digital marketing trends predict a rise in video content, with a focus on short videos between 1 and 3 minutes in length.

Wondering how to create videos while sticking to a budget? Check out tools such as StoryXpress (alternative to Vidyard). This is an all-in-one video solution that helps you create, edit and manage your videos for sales and marketing.

6. Content Marketing is King

There are top digital marketing trends that are top of the charts right now, and content marketing is one of them. Content marketing enables top digital marketers to engage with their potential clients on a more personal level. Even top search engines like Google love top notch, useful content, which will make your brand more top ranked in organic rankings for top keywords.

When you are selling a product, one of the top digital marketing trends is to get your potential clients to trust you. There is no better way than infographics that can help you achieve just that. Using top notch, custom designed infographics for your site could be the difference in getting top ranking results or non-existent ones in Google and other search engines.

7. Local SEO is top Ranking

With the top digital marketing trends such as Google My Business, more and more top brands are taking top ranking in search results seriously. This means that top digital marketers will be able to take advantage of local SEO and get their top brand out there for reviews and top rankings. With reviews playing a huge part in deciding which business top consumers will patronize, top digital marketers are tapping on top local SEO trends to stay top of the competition.