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5 Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Senior Care Services In 2023



Senior care is something every family will likely have to think about at some point. Currently, there are over 800,000 residents living in long-term care facilities, and that number is expected to rise as the years go on. If you want to help more seniors enjoy their golden years, here are five ways to promote your senior care services in 2023.

Create informational (and well-designed) brochures

What happens when someone wants to learn more about your senior care services? You’re busy helping your clients. You don’t have time to answer a thousand basic questions every time someone asks about your services. Having a well-designed brochure makes it easy to provide potential new clients with the information they need without taking time away from your busy schedule.

Not only do your brochures need to include all the important information clients need to know to hire your services, but they also need to look good. Remember, your brochures are a representation of your brand. They need to look professional.

You likely don’t have time to design brochures from scratch. So to make sure you can get professional-level designs without needing professional-level skills or time, it’s always a good idea to use professional brochure templates. Just choose the design that best fits your brand, fill in your information, and you’re ready to distribute!

Build the perfect website

Brochures are great when you’re talking to someone in-person, but what happens when someone is searching for senior care services online? Almost half of everyone searching for products and services start with Google — or their search engine of choice. Make sure your business is there with a great website.

A website is the cornerstone of any business marketing strategy. All your other marketing campaigns should link back to your website. It’s where people can find all the information they need to learn about and contact you for your services. Brochures have space for only so much information!

When building your website, make sure it has every bit of information that potential clients would need to hire your business. Talk about the services you offer, rates, background, certifications, contact information, and anything else that someone might need to feel comfortable having you care for their loved ones. The more information, the better!

Write a few blogs

Deciding on the right senior care option is a serious matter for families. It takes a lot of research to finally decide on a service provider. And since most research in 2023 is done online, make sure your website shows up at the top of the search results with a well-written blog.

Blogs are a great way to boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, the more content you have on your website, the more search queries you’ll rank for online.

For example, if someone searches for “How to choose the right senior care provider,” Google will scour the internet for any website that best answers that question. By writing a blog that expertly answers that question, you can increase your chances of ranking at the top of the search results, above any competitors.

Not only do you help anyone looking for senior care, but you can also guide them toward your services. Starting a blog and creating new content consistently is one of the best digital marketing strategies for any type of business in 2023 — especially industries whose clients do a lot of research, like senior care.

Get social on social media

With over 4.9 billion users worldwide, social media is a great place to get your senior care information in front of more people. But if you want to stand out in the land of influencers and professional content creators, you have to make sure your posts look as good (if not better) than the rest.

You might not be a professional graphic designer, but that doesn’t mean your social media posts can’t look professional. Use templates! For example, there are thousands of free Instagram post templates available online. Simply choose the one you like best, update the information, and you’ll be ready to make your senior care social media page stand out to more potential clients.

And to get your social media posts in front of more than just your followers, it never hurts to boost a post now and then. For just a few dollars, the social media platform will promote a post of your choice to your target demographic. It’s a great way to extend your marketing reach online.

Make a Google My Business page

Online traffic is great, but there’s one major problem for businesses that provide in-person services. What good is thousands of website views if they’re from outside of your service area!? You need to attract website visitors from your area, and the best way to do that in 2023 is with a Google My Business page.

A Google My Business page is a little blurb that appears on the side of the search results when someone searches for your specific area of business.

For example, when someone searches for “Senior care near me,” Google will use the user’s location information and, if their location matches yours, your business page will appear front and center on the search results with all the information the user needs to reach out. It’s a great way to generate more local traffic and boost your local SEO.

Build your senior care business

You’re ready to help more seniors live their best lives, but you need to promote your services first. In 2023, the best ways to extend your marketing reach are designing high-quality and informative brochures, perfecting your website, starting a blog, using social media, and making a Google My Business page. With a little marketing effort, you’ll be providing senior care services to more people in no time!