Top 5 Website to buy Instagram followers 2020



Want to get noticed on Instagram? Don’t have time to build a huge following? You should consider acquiring followers and move up the ranks.

Last year Instagram was downloaded over 400 Million times and was ranked number 5 in the top downloaded apps of the year 2019. It has more than 1 billion active users, and users spend at least an hour each day on Instagram. This user base makes Instagram a hotbed for brands to grow and become famous. There is a constant stream of upcoming influencers who have a massive following. Even a slight push from these influencers gets enormous brand visibility.

Instagram is massively popular; anyone willing to break into Instagram would need many followers to stand out. Growing followers organically takes time; most creators turn towards buying followers to level up on the rankings and boost their social media presence. More followers translate into better visibility. Purchasing followers is the fasted way to get your Instagram journey started. Otherwise, you may keep struggling to take off in a big way or keep spending on marketing to get an organic following. In this extremely competitive world, you would have to be very creative and have a bit of luck to attract organic growth. So, it’s not totally out of place to take help and get a little nudge to have your content visible to the world. It’s also a fact that most celebrities or influencers have bought followers online at some point to add to the fan base they already carry.

We have reviewed the top 5 websites that deliver Instagram followers.

  1. HelpWyz

One thing to love about Helpwyz is their attention to detail and customer service. They are known to respond quickly to customer queries and take pride in delivering 24X7 support. They are also well structured and provide the end products at a pretty fast clip. Helpwyz has support options across other social products such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and you can also buy twitch followers for more engagement. These channels put Helpwyz in a unique position as it can cross-leverage the fan base in other products. The reality is that real followers drop off, with some attrition happening in all services, Helpwyz is nicely positioned to refill the gap with fan bases from other services. The Instagram services itself is quite robust. It has services around Instagram followers, Instagram Likes, Instagram Story Views, Video Views, and Instagram Comments as well. They deliver high-quality followers and support Paypal and credit card options. Helpwyz has been around for almost eight years. So they know a lot about how to generate interest for your brand on Instagram. They also offer a 15-day money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the delivered services. They also have a catalog-based option to pick and choose which package suits your needs and budget.

Their price is 12.95 per 1000 followers.

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  1. Stormlikes

Stormlikes provides custom payment plans to their customers. They also ensure that only genuine followers are hired to deliver traffic and followership to your Instagram account. They also offer comments service to improve the engagement levels. Customers can pick and choose if they need traffic from a specific country or even select which gender they want their followers to exhibit. With multiple options like these, the followership looks very lucid and natural. Billing can vary based on customers’ choice between one time and monthly. Stormlikes promises to deliver high-quality followers and boasts of competitive pricing. Still, they are only focused on Instagram, so they may not have enough fan bases to tap into, unlike other providers. They sell likes, followers, and views, but they don’t sell comments.

Their price is $12.99 per 1000 followers.

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  1. 24onlineService

24onlineService has services across Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, and Instagram. They have a pretty simple to use user interface, and their website is updated frequently. They sell followers, likes, views, and retweets. Their mantra is being fast in delivery, reasonably priced, and a promise of genuine followers. They promise to deliver in under 12 hours. As far as Instagram is concerned, they sell Followers, Likes, Views, Auto likes, and Comments. Social Viral just needs you to make your Instagram account public and post-purchase; you can see your followers’ growth. You don’t need to share the password of your Instagram account to obtain this service.

Their price is $13.99 per 1000 users

  1. Social Empire

True to its name, the Social Empire allows you to grow your social empire within the social media realm. Social Empire focusses on Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud. While they sell Instagram followers, likes, AutoLikes, and Instagram Views, they do more than just deliver social followers UK. They promote your account through other social media channels like Twitter and Reditt. This multi-channel service ensures a steady flow of real users who visit your account and follow it. They claim to allow access to their 5 Million plus users through their services. They have over 600 partners, which are used to further socialize your Instagram account. Social Empire also promises to engage a slew of influencers who will positively uptick your brand. They promise to use safe marketing methods and deliver discreet and anonymous service. However, the Social Empire doesn’t have a free trial period or any money-back guarantees. Their network is also limited to Youtube, Sound Cloud, and TikTok.

Their price is $14.99 per 1000 users.

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  1. Instamama

Instamama promises genuine accounts, their website is frequently updated, and it has a vibrant blog which talks about various aspects of growing your viewership and followership on Instagram. Instamama is unique in the respect that it has only two social media channels. It focuses on Instagram and Twitter only. It sells Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views. It offers multiple packages based on the number of followers one is targeting. All services come with High-quality followers, safe promotion, and they promise high retention rates. Instamama ensures gradual delivery, so your growth on Instagram looks organic. With support available 24 X7, Instamama makes a convenient and safe choice to buy Instagram followers UK. However, Instamama doesn’t sell Instagram comments and doesn’t have a trial period or money back schemes.

  1. Followers Cart

Another website that can help you get a lot of deals is social media. It works very successfully in the UK so you get and get a great deal. Let’s say they make Instagram Followers and Likes in a completely fast-paced and completely natural  way. This is international where privacy can be a major issue and a lot of private content is misused. This way Followers Cart  ensures that you get the most benefits.

Their price is £10.50 per 1000 Followers.


The price is also on the higher side; it charges $28.5 for 1000 users—the highest among other players considered for this review.

Most Instagram creators are worried that buying Instagram followers may make Instagram ban their accounts. However, when you invest in genuine and fluid followers, your account has no opportunity to be banned. Real followers have a steady ebb and flow; they keep joining and dropping off from your fan base. You need to invest in the right partner to make your Instagram story come alive!