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4 Ways to Maximize your Mobile App Marketing using Social Media

Social media

Social media

With nearly 35% of the global population having access to smartphones, the mobile app industry is thriving. However, the availability of a large market has also made the industry competitive.

Did you know that over 25% of mobile applications never get used after the user installs them in their smartphones?

So, what is the best way to make sure that your mobile app gets installed? Moreover, how to ensure that it also gets used by the users?

Mobile app marketing through social media is the medium through which you can reach your target audience quickly. Recent studies have revealed that through user engagement on social media, you can enhance your reach and scale your small business.

Hence, using social media for marketing your app is a reliable way to ensure that your audience discovers your app and uses it frequently. But you must be careful when promoting your brand identity as it may backfire. If you don’t have any social media expert on staff, consider hiring a digital marketing agency.

Here are four ways through which you can maximize your mobile app marketing using social media:

#1. Tying Up with Influencers

Dabbling with influencer marketing means presenting your mobile app to an audience that’s already engaged with your genre. Thus, when you tie up with influencers, they would market your app to their established audience and recommend it to them.

According to Twitter, nearly 40% of the users make a purchase when an influencer makes a direct recommendation. In other words, tying up with influencers is an authentic way of making sure that your audience not only downloads your app but also retains it.

#2. Explore Paid Advertisements on Social Media

A study conducted by Google revealed that paid advertisements on social media give way to nearly 49% of the total mobile app downloads. Hence, paid social media advertisements are an effective way to reach that audience, which might be interested in your app.

Another reason to opt for paid advertisements is that the organic reach of most of the platforms is declining. Since most of the social media platforms offer paid advertisements, you must pick a one in which there is a higher presence of your target audience.

#3. Encourage User-Generated Content

Perhaps the best way to advertise your mobile app on social media is through promoting User-Generated Content. When your users would post about the value of your app on social media, they would also become your advocates.

Since 90% of the people are likely to purchase something on the recommendation of a friend UGC or User-Generated Content can prove to be more effective than paid advertisements.

#4. Promote Good Reviews and Ratings

There is a direct link between app retention and good reviews. Since most of the users first check out the ratings and reviews, you must promote those reviews that show the quality of your app. if you have online business like restaurant so mobile apps helps you in your start-ups.

Moreover, promoting such reviews would also raise awareness about your mobile app.

Following these four ways could make your app viral on social media. However, authenticity and valuable content is what drives the success of any marketing campaign on social media.

To become a successful entrepreneur, instead of thinking like a programmer, think like a marketer. Draft a robust social media strategy that includes a budget through which you can implement paid advertisements.

By keeping these things in mind, you can create a community around your app that would give a boost to your downloads.