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How To Get More Followers on Instagram

Have a good thought out Instagram marketing strategy

To use any social network effectively, you need to have a clear plan.

And getting more followers on Instagram is a great goal to start with. However, just having followers will not make your Instagram account successful. Gaining followers and getting more followers on instagram has to be part of a larger plan connecting your business strategy and social media goals.

What do you plan to achieve? Maybe you want:

  • increase your brand perception
  • increase the sale of your products
  • drive traffic to your website

Focusing on these trading goals will help you keep your account consistent. This will help you tell a compelling brand story that will attract new visitors to your profile and help you build (and maintain) a loyal fan base.

Get more followers on Instagram

Define your target audience

Ask yourself a few questions about who you are trying to reach:

  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do they work on?
  • When and how do they use Instagram?
  • What are your weaknesses and challenges?

Answering these questions will help you create the right Instagram content to reach those most likely to follow you. Also, this will keep you focused on the needs of your target audience so you can offer them the kind of content that makes them want to follow you for the long haul.

Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic

Maybe you want to satisfy the curiosity of your followers by showing how your products are made. Or show another perspective to humanize your brand. If you’re going to position your brand aspirational, you can showcase your customers’ lifestyle of achievement.

Be local and geolocate to get more followers on Instagram

We all want to expand our business and reach as many people as possible, but try to be aware and stay local.

Take a look at what’s happening in your local environment and get involved with local people. You already have a connection with those users, so make yourself heard. Don’t worry, and you can take over the world another day.

To do so, search for your city and click on the location. From there, loads of posts will appear, and you may find one relevant to you. This is especially useful for home improvement and local service businesses.

You can also put your location on the posts.

Always make a call to action

Instagram, like any other social network, is all about the conversation. Make sure you give people a reason to follow you and engage with your posts.

That’s where the bio link can come in handy. It is prevalent to see posts with a final message of “click the link in the bio for more information.”

Your call to action can send a discount code or a challenge you just started. This will help you get followers on Instagram.

Can’t you increase your followers on Instagram without paying?

Of course, yes. However, I anticipate becoming more and more complicated since Instagram made changes to its algorithm.

How to get followers on Instagram?

Oh, Instagram, that platform where we all want to be famous. It is one of the most relevant social networks and something that marketers should not ignore.

All the statistics speak of the enormous growth that Instagram has had in recent years, so, without a doubt, integrating it into your Social Media marketing Plan is a safe bet.

-More than a billion people use Instagram every month, and 500 million of them do it every day. Wow!

-71% of Instagram users are under 35, which is enormous for brands trying to appeal to younger generations. The distribution by gender is quite balanced.

-Its users like more than 4 billion posts daily.

With these facts about Instagram, how can you retain your followers and gain some new ones along the way? These are our tips.



Get followers on Instagram

In Instagram, of course, quality content

Yes, just like any other social network, the content you post is essential.

Ensure that the images and videos you post are of good quality and professional, relevant and attractive to the people who visit you.

Check that all your posts fit a certain aesthetic and don’t include low-quality or irrelevant images. They won’t attract anyone.

Work content marketing in the texts.

Some tools allow you to create and edit quality images for social networks. Try posting every other day if you can’t post daily, and figure out the best time to post.

Some businesses have found that posting during commute hours works better for them. Others prefer dinner time or late at night. Everything is trial and error, which is why analytics is so important for getting more followers on Instagram.

Try to avoid posting too much or too little. Nobody likes spam or inactive users. Find the perfect balance.

Use of hashtags on Instagram

Instagram allows you to place up to 30 hashtags on your posts to tag your posting content.

By using hashtags, you are not only telling other users what the theme of the photos and videos you upload is (this is obvious), but you are also going to reach other profiles that do not know you.

How? Since recent changes in Instagram, the app allows you to follow posts tagged under a hashtag.

This will make your newsfeed (section of the application where you will see the publications produced by the accounts you follow) and show some magazines containing the following hashtags.

This, on the one hand, is one of the best ways to make yourself known to other users who still don’t follow you and, on the other hand, to discover other accounts that publish content that interests you.

How many hashtags do I have to put on my posts for more Instagram followers?

The truth is that we experts can’t quite agree on the number of hashtags that should be used in a publication.

But from my own experience, I can tell you that the optimal number of hashtags is between 5 and 11.

Optimize your Instagram profile and bio to get followers on Instagram

Two-thirds of visits to Instagram business profiles come from people who are not followers. Those new visitors are all potential new free Instagram followers, but only if your bio and profile convince them to click the Follow button – and they won’t if your profile is unclear, incomplete, or unattractive.

Leverage your 150 character bio to project your brand identity and show new followers why they should follow you. What kind of content can they expect?

The best time to post on Instagram for more follower gain

Another change that the Instagram algorithm has made is to display the posts without chronological order.

In the old days, the first photos in your newsfeed were the last ones posted by the people you follow. But that won’t be the case anymore.

Let me explain to you what engagement is (this explanation is probably unnecessary for you, but I prefer to go for the shot).

Engagement is the relationship you have with other Instagram accounts and is determined by the likes and comments you leave on their posts.

So Instagram wants to show you posts from accounts you interact with most often first, and then posts from accounts you might not interact with as much.

That said, you may think that the time of publication should not be so important, but the truth is that it is.