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What Types of Photos Get the Most Likes on Instagram? 



If you have ever posted a photo on Instagram and you think that it was really good but still it didn’t get enough likes or no one shared it. You must be thinking that what can be the reason that it didn’t get enough reach and no one liked it. Maybe it’s because people are tired of looking at the same type of pictures and they want to have a change in their feed. Or maybe it’s because you haven’t selected an appropriate filter or your picture is not captured from a right angle. Maybe you haven’t shown the right posture and best side of your face or the lightning in that area is not enough to have a good picture. All these things sum up and make a huge difference.

Someone is posting photos and getting more likes than you, even though his photos are not of a good caliber. No worries, don’t get jealous if someone is having a good Instagram game you just need to work on your strategies and follow some basic tips to make a difference. Although we’ll discuss them in detail here are a few that you need to keep at your fingertips:

  • Post an image with good background and more background. · Keep the saturation of your images lower, as this will help you get more likes
  • Cold images with bluish or cold shade give a better look than reddish or warm images.
  • A lighter image looks better

With these tips, you wouldn’t need to struggle anymore and promote your Instagram photos to get more likes and engagement. Instagram is image sharing app and here you need t work on your photos if you want to succeed. No matter if you are running a business account on Instagram, still you need to have positive likes, comments,

and shares on your images. Having a good quality photo and keeping in mind other factors also will help you achieve more likes. Otherwise, you can look for shortcut techniques to become successful, go for Instagram auto likes and see what it does to your profile. Although it comes with short-term benefits you can utilize it and work on your abilities to make them permanent.

Images are nothing without a Good Caption 

Although a good photo has a great impact on getting likes on Instagram but still working on captions will change the game. Instagram users notice your captions and admire them just like photos. You can add captions according to your image whether humorous, authentic, or writing with deep meaning will work best. These captions have a great impact on people and they can use these captions in their day-to-day life. Well, funny captions can lift your mood.

If your photography skills are not good enough, still you can work on captions and create a good one. Have a look at your photo and feel what’s it saying to you and then write it down as a caption for your followers.

Post Organized Photos 

People love to see pictures that show authenticity and organized items in their feeds. If you love to organize things uniquely so that it looks appealing to your followers. Then you can create incredible photos out of them. Even if you notice that the most popular image of an interior designer is how he manages to arrange all the things. Or how even a musician sets up his/her studio. People love to watch such things be arranged in a manner, as this can also benefit them. They would be able to understand how they can use such photos and videos to arrange their apartment or room.

People Love to See Other People 

If you are not into posting pictures of objects or items in your household, you should work on posting images of people. It’s a human psyche that attracts more people than things. Because of the interaction, humans have with each other and they can understand their feelings. That’s the reason you need to add pictures of yourself or your friends on Instagram. Even if you are running a brand posting your product with people will help you get more engagement. No matter what’s the niche of your brand, adding humans to your photos on Instagram will help you sell it more quickly and easily. Selling an item and making it a center of attraction without humans is quite difficult. That’s the reason advertising companies add humans to their ads. This adds more interest to customers and they’ll be able to buy things with trust.

Adding Timeliness is an Effective Way 

You post a photo on your Instagram and you date it, well it’s an effective way to create a photo on Instagram. But you need to work on it, to make it perfect and according to the delicate art that is needed on Instagram. You can keep the value of your photo for longer and make it updated for the future. No matter what sort of picture you are posting you can link it in your future post. For example, you added a picture of your hair care routine last year. You can mention it in your caption or ask a celebrity to promote it or simply repost it on your account. By doing so you are keeping the value of your post and maintaining the relevance of the photo. You can even add more things in your caption and photos that will speak to your audience. Work on your pictures so that they must look technically great and appealing to your visitors.

Authenticity of Photos

Although some people buy Instagram followers as a shortcut way authenticity is a way to success. People love to engage in those posts that are relevant to them. The audience involves in such photographs is according to their daily life. Vloggers are becoming successful just because of the relevance, people like to see content that is according to their lifestyle. They will respond to your pots and will expect a response from you as well. Travelers find hidden places and show them to their audience, and followers respond to them about the location. Similarly, models post their pictures and people interact with them asking about the details of jewelry, shoes, and clothing haul.


Hope these tips will work for you and you’ll be able to achieve enough engagement on your posts. Besides that, you can also work on producing behind-the-scenes images as people love to see them. Also, DIY images are popular among followers, they love to create those things. You can also post images with motivational quotes and influencer images. You can also make changes to other photos and post them as your own. Making interactive changes in others’ images is not illegal you can post them after changing them according to your interest. As described above your images should be lighter and gives an appealing effect to your visitors. Besides that, you can have a look at the Instagram accounts that are popular and notice them. What sort of strategies and editing skills do they use on their photos, taking inspiration from them will help you achieve your goal in less time.