Shark Game Maneater Quick Review 2020

Shark Game Maneater Quick Review 2020

Shark Game Maneater Quick Review 2020

Chomp on defenseless prey, binge on the beach, trawl the depths and raid the Ocean to satisfy your voracious appetite. Maneater Shark is not the easiest game to control but once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun!

Hey, I got 1st place locally so I can help you get to the top positions as well. Just follow my tips below.

You navigate your shark by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch. Touch the screen to give your shark a speed boost — great for capturing fleeing prey.

Basically you are a shark and, if you stop eating, you’ll die. If you want to be a softie, you can always eat the little fishes who swim everywhere. But you are a SHARK and don’t you forget it! The easiest prey to eat are, of course, the humans who swim on the surface of the water and don’t dare to venture further down. Try one and you’ll get a cool message on the screen each time you eat one, like “Dinner Date” or “Man Eater.”


  1. Beware, even for a shark, there are dangers lurking underwater. You’ll want to avoid Jellyfish, Blow-fish and Mines.
  2. You can actually eat Blow-fishes if they are not puffed out and if they notice you. If they are puffed out, use your boost to eat them and you will not even feel the spikes.
  3. A Swordfish must be attacked from the rear.
  4. If you keep going left near the surface, you’ll find an ancient vase. 1/10 bonus items. It is at the bottom of the shallow end. So keep swimming left until you see the beach, then venture onto the shallow part until you find it.
  5. Warning, if you survive for more then two minutes Fishermen and Poachers will appear above the water in boats. Fishermen are harmless but Poachers will throw bombs at you, so it is advisable not to stay too close to the surface for too long.

Rocking the Boat

To eat a Fisherman or Poacher, simply use our boost and try to bump the boat from below the surface of the water and jump upward. It might take a few tries but once they fall into the water, your health get’s boosted by a stagerring amount and gives you get 200-500 points.

Advance Tips

  1. On the surface, you’ll only think you’re in a small area but underwater, there is a tunnel to Iceland on the wall at the far right. The fishes there are bigger and eating them give you more points.
  2. At the bottom of Iceland, you’ll find an Angler Fish that can be eaten if you get behind it first.
  3. Keep following the tunnel and you’ll find yourself an eatable item, 2/10.
  4. If you go to the bottom left, you’ll find the Caves of Doom.
  5. The Caves of Doom have Angler Fish as well lots of schools of fish. But beware, it is littered with mines. It might seem barren and bleak but near the end of the cave is a treasure trove of weird-looking and defenseless fish living down there that will give you 500 points.
  6. If you find 4 mines blocking a pathway, do not charge at full force. Two of them are enough to make you “swim with the fishes.” If you feel like barging, there are plenty of tuna and penguins swimming around the area, so chomp on them first.
  7. As you progress in the Maneater game, it will get harder to find food, so eat every fish you see. At this point of the game, the fish tend to swim near the bottom of the ocean.

All in all, this game is recommended for those with time on their hand on a lazy Summer day. Learning the controls is easy because the Maneater game makes full use of the iPhone and iPod’s cool tilt motion feature. It’s a new twist to the classic shark-eating game.