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Mega Jump Quick Review

Mega Jump Quick Review

Mega Jump Quick Review

Mega Jump features Redford whose goal is to jump all the way to the moon and beyond in a desperate effort to get home. Redford is so cute and it’s such a noble cause that we had to download the game and give it a try.

Every coin or object that Redford (such a cute little red creature) jumps on gives it a little boost that keeps it afloat. The longer it stays afloat, the more MP (Mega Points) it gains and with enough MPs, you can buy Redford his own home galaxy.

We suspect that the main reason this game is currently at the Number One spot in the Top 25 Free Apps is because everyone has been looking for a Mario-like game. If you type in “jump” in the search field, this game pops up.

Be forewarned that this is a hard game to play. Don’t expect to make it past Level One until after 10 to 20 tries. The Mega Points (MP) needed to unlock each new stage is just way too high.

TIP: The higher you jump, the more time it should take you to fall down.

TIP: If you see a nice looking coin on the ground below and your little monster just passed it, don’t fall down to get it because the moment the coin goes past the screen, it’s gone. So there will be nothing to welcome Redford except hard jungle ground.

There are other characters as well, if you’re willing to sacrifice stage money to buy them.

Nevertheless, the game does have its charm, nice colors and fun moments and we believe that playing it was a worthwhile experience.

Since Mega Jump is a free app, go ahead download it and give it a try. Many of you may find it is just too hard a game to thoroughly enjoy. But if you fancy a challenge, this may be just the game for you.