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9 Best Mobile Brain Games That Will Sharpen Your Mind

Mobile Brain Games

Mobile Brain Games

What can force the mind to work? Not only dreary duties or school tasks but also exciting brain games! We will present 9 logic games that require the player to think. For more information, read freeappsforme.

1. BrainOut 

This is a very exciting and entertaining game. BrainOut develops thinking, imagination, and logic. In this application, there are a lot of logic problems and examples with matches. Also with each level, the tasks become more and more complex.

The game is suitable for children from 5 years, as well as for teenagers. 

2. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

This is a first-person puzzle game, the meaning of which is to find items and solve mysterious puzzles. You are the main character who got to these cold lands with the help of a mysterious portal when you were looking for your father. In the game, you should explore a lot of temples located in the snow-covered Arctic. In total, the game has 18 temples, where you need to solve puzzles and go through tricky mazes.

3. Words of Wonders (WoW) 

This game develops both logic and enhances the vocabulary at the same time, and helps you get to know our planet better. In WoW, you will need to make a lot of words from a certain number of letters. Also, when passing through the levels, the movement is directed to the map of the most beautiful places on Earth. The game tells about these places, and also provides a link to the Wikipedia site, in case you are interested in a particular place.

Even a child can play WoW, it will be interesting for everyone. The game is free and can be played in the absence of the Internet.

4. 100 Doors

This is an arcade puzzle game. In the game there are more than 120 mysterious levels, to pass which you need to look for hidden objects, launch mechanisms, and solve many puzzles and riddles. Developers are constantly taking care of the game adding more and more new levels to it.

Each floor, or level, has its own design. And since the game requires very little performance, it will work perfectly on old smartphones, however, it is also perfect for modern ones.

5. CodyCross

This is a very exciting and informative crossword puzzle. Because here you need to not just guess the words, but also explore the planets. One level consists of 4-10 crosswords. Then you move on to the next planet in the Solar system. After passing through the entire Solar system, the player is met with a surprise, each one is different. The game only works with a Wi-Fi network. There are very few ads and you can quickly skip them.

6. Alchemy

A fun and unpredictable puzzle Game in which you can feel like a true creator of all the living and dead. At the beginning of the game, only moisture, atmosphere, fire, and earth are available to create the world. Combine these key components to form previously unknown items.

In General, the application has selected about 4 hundred components. All of them, without exception, are attractively drawn and signed. During the game, you can create not only people and animals, but also ghouls, transformers, aliens, an airplane, and other fun components.

7. Lumosity

In this app, you can not only work on the development of individual skills (attention, speed, logic, etc.) but also create an individual training program. First, the user will have to pass a special test to determine their strengths and weaknesses. There are only a few types of interactive games available in the free version, but they are quite enough to get acquainted with the functionality of the app.

8. Unblock Ball-Block Puzzle

This is a logical labyrinth. Here you need to pave the way for the ball, creating it from the blocks, so that the ball rolled. There are many levels ranging from the simplest to the most complex. It is suitable for absolutely any age. It is free of charge. Works without the Internet.

9. Neuronation

It’s easy to improve your memory, concentration, and logical thinking – you just need to spend a few minutes a day playing the simple games that this app offers. Here you can track your progress and compete with your friends or other users. Scientists say that the development of the brain is similar to the development of muscles: if they are not used, they can atrophy. So everything is in your hands!