Best SEO Tips For Online Store (E-Commerce)



Do you want to increase the visits to your online store/shop? Generate more sales? Follow the following SEO tips to position your eCommerce.

You heared about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before, but do you know what it is? In a general way, we can say that SEO is the organic way to reach 1000s of customers at free of cost and appear one of the top search engines like Google/Yahoo. For those who don’t know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) they can hire Cheap Web Design agency for their online shop or website.

The most important objective of SEO is to generate free traffic for your website to increase sales and help your customers find you when they search on Google. In case you experience an online shop and you have to raise visits and, therefore, increase earnings, follow the SEO tips to increase visibility of your website.

SEO Tips to increase sales of your online shop

The first thing that you should be aware of is that SEO is not immediate way, it requires time and a lot of effort to start seeing results, but it is a digital marketing and advertising who works for the long term, and you will sure get your result.

We will share few tips that you need to start your SEO for your online store.

Research and find your keywords

Discovering the right keywords for your online shop is one of the basic thing for your site to be prosperous in attracting quality traffic that is organic. If you don’t get your products or services to seem well positioned in Google, it’s sure that the strategy you’re following isn’t the right one.

Once we’ve determined our keywords, we must use them in the titles, subtitles, meta descriptions, URLs, groups, labels, and other texts of the images.

Optimize the Titles and meta-descriptions of your Web Pages

The “Title” is the first attention of your clients, so it’s necessary that you think about it that’s appealing, not insist upon the title of your own brand, but study how the customer would click on your page after a particular search. You need to write the well-defined keyword in the title detailing the service or product you are selling, accompanied by a call to action.

When we talk about meta-descriptions we are referring to the text that appears just under the name once we execute a Google search. To improve it, it is imperative to write in detail about your products, offers, promotions, or conditions, with words that capture the attention of customers.

On the other hand, the product sheets are pages that are positioned quite well in search engines, in addition, if they’re labeled they will raise the visibility of your online store since the search engines will be able to translate the data more readily. Some features that we recommend to take into consideration are product name, category to which it belongs, product description, photographs, cost, and opinions of different customers, amongst others.

Search Engine (Index webpages of your eCommerce)

This part of the strategy is a procedure where you specify to Google which pages you need to appear in the search engine. The principal benefit of Browsing the webpages of your online store would be to achieve better communication with your client and, in addition, better placement in Google by focusing traffic on specific pages.

Pages are automatically resized, nothing needs to be carried out. What’s true is that, when creating a page, it takes a while before it is indexed.

To find out how to index the pages of your online store, click here.

Create a blog section on your eCommerce store

To improve the SEO of your online shop, it is encouraged to create a Blog to talk about interesting content to your customers, share it on social networks and, in addition, improve the positioning of your site. It is the very best way to start generating valuable content in your online store.

In the instance of an online clothing shop, it would be interesting to talk about trends, trend influencers, look for ideas, the most recent news from your shop, red carpets, etc.. Always thinking of articles which could be of interest and quality to your followers.

You are able to share these contents on social networks to create traffic to your site and improve the SEO of your online shop. For this, you must add a title and a little description informing your followers about what the blog entry is about, with a direct connection to the article.

Keep eyes on all the images on your own eCommerce store

In an online shop, pictures are essential, therefore, it is necessary that the pictures are of grade, with a great resolution, but they are also optimized in order that the loading rate of the web isn’t affected, since it influences the positioning. For the online shop to have good placement, it must be optimized so that it shows the material in the shortest possible time (2-3 seconds maximum).

To be aware of the loading rate of your online shop, you can use the Google tool “PageSpeed ​​Insights”. It has an algorithm that detects those pages which need optimization and gives you tips to improve it.

Ultimately, each image has to be labeled with its corresponding description, using the”alt” tags. This greatly enhances the organic positioning of your online store since images can generate huge amounts of traffic to your website from search engines.

You need to know about the power of your domain and your main pages

The domain authority is one of those essential metrics that measure the authority, confidence, or authenticity of your online store. The more complicated the power, the better positioning your pages will have in Google results.

Avoid duplicate content on your website

Although duplicate content isn’t penalized by search engines such as Google, exactly what the Google robot does is identify similar webpages by increasing their crawling and can result in confusion, which is, not knowing ultimately which webpage to the position. For this reason, the material has to be original, of grade, rather than reproduced so that Google has more ease in regards to positioning.

Choose best CMS for your online shop

Choosing the best CMS for your online store is not an easy choice. You have to check different CMS before choosing for one or some other online shop, like the sort of products, the width of the catalog, the amount of customization of the shop, or the budget, amongst others.

Though Prestashop is your internet shop level excellence and the best known among consumers, in the SEO it is the one we recommend the least because it has some shortcomings in contrast to additional CMS that make pages not have the ability to position themselves correctly in Google.