Rocket League Guide – Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League takes over the classic game of football and combines high-octane competition and action with rocket-propelled vehicles. Since its release in 2015, it is one of the most popular games in the world, giving birth to an eSports scene and being focused on all relevant gaming platforms. This high-powered mixture of arcade-style football and vehicular chaos has become very popular among online gamers as well. Rocket League is the fourth among the top esports tournaments ordered by the prize pool. The first free places were Dota 2, StarCraft 3, and Hearthstone, which means that Rocket League goes side by side with these giant games. You can dig deep and see Rocket League’s growth by visiting specialized esports statistics websites, looking at esports reports, or just visiting the Rocket League website. It is possible to play Rocket League on smartphones as well, which also increases its popularity. Although the game has been out for some time, it has now become free, which means that even more people are forced to try it. If you’re choosing Rocket League for the first time, check out the tips and tricks from professional Rocket League items store – Rocketprices.Com.

Playing with friends

While Rocket League can be enjoyed playing alone, it is best to play with a friend or two to communicate in 2v2 or 3v3. Not only can you talk about strategy, but avoiding the toxic culture of random online players makes it a much better experience. Also you can share your extra Rocket League credits and items with your friends.

Find someone you like to play games with. You can share roaring explosive goals and fast action while acclimatizing to the game and eventually adopting ranked game modes.

Use Ballcam

Having a mind focused on the position and trajectory of the ball is essential not to give up an easy goal. At least at start-up, we recommend using Ballcam. By default, the game’s camera will be positioned behind your car at all times, but Ballcam keeps it focused on the ball. If you develop enough spatial awareness in Rocket League, no matter what is directly in front of you, but knowing where the ball is at all times is vitally important so that you can react appropriately in any situation. The best part is that the camera can be switched in the middle of the game by pressing a button so you can really experience what you like.

Don’t waste your nudge (and don’t lose control)

Boost is an essential aspect of every Rocket League game. This can ensure you go back in time to prevent a goal, demolish a member of the enemy team and, if you’re good enough, be used to get robbed in the arena. A common mistake for new players, however, is to blow all your push into bad situations, so you don’t have it when you need it.

You’ll notice on the arena floor that there are many support points available to you at any time, but unless you get the biggest drops, you’ll be looking for a boost for too long. That’s why it’s crucial to manage your boost output. Unless you rush to hit or prevent a goal, you want to have at least a little boost at any time when you’re a beginner. Also, don’t increase so much that you lose control of your car. Rocket League is not a difficult game to control. However, in some situations where the ball moves more slowly than you do, it may be easier to miss it completely or accidentally score a goal on yourself if you are not careful. Keep in control, so that you have an idea of where you want the ball to go and perform all the maneuvers you have planned.

Have at least one player in a position to defend

One of the most daunting circumstances in Rocket League is when you and your team are in attack and set a goal. Everything may seem to be going well, and all of a sudden things go wrong. Maybe the enemy team accidentally flips the ball close to your goal. Maybe they can run away with the ball. Whatever the situation, it is always important to have someone who can react to the other team.

That’s where the rotation comes in. Suppose you play in 3v3 and have two people on the offensive. The third should play closer to your goal, probably in midfield, if there is a strike that sends the ball onto the field. If this rear has the option to run with the ball, the one furthest away must turn to this rear position. This always protects your team while maintaining an effective attack.

Center the ball for more manageable goals

No one likes a ball pig in any sport. That’s why you should involve your teammates. Probably the most effective way to do that is to center the ball. This is when the ball is placed in a position directly in front of the opponent’s goal, which leads to a simpler goal.

If you have the ball, let your teammates know that you will try to install them. They must be located somewhere near the centre of the field on the opponent’s side so that they can react to the ball’s destination. Your job is to avoid enemy cars and place the ball on a board for your teammates. Especially for new players, it is probably better to ricochet the ball on a wall. If you are on the side, use your boost and aim towards the corner so that the ball can roll along the wall and be placed a few inches from the goal. If you’ve passed the goal, drop your thumbs up and try to hit the ball from below with a single jump to give it a lazy pop-up that only someone with momentum can perform. Not all approaches must necessarily include a powerful approach. In fact, if the ball moves quickly, the harder it will be for your teammate to score. Experiment with ways to place the ball in the center of the field, and you’ll accumulate assists, your teammates will love you and, most importantly, you’ll score a lot of goals.

Learn how the ball reacts to your flips

Not only are Rocket League vehicles equipped with a boost, but they are also capable of doing double jumps and tipping in any direction. This is vital in many aspects of the game. Front flips are useful for gaining speed without boosting and performing head-on hits on the ball. For the most direct approach to hitting the ball with power, you will perform a forward turn.

The side flips are perfect for positioning the ball where you want and getting flashy lenses. If you are on either side of the opponent’s goal and you position yourself correctly on the ball, this makes the defensive approach more difficult to read where the ball will go. It’s not as powerful and fast as the front flip, but it’s flashy and deceitful.

Most people never really talk about the backflip, but it also has its use. We like to use it when the ball jumps into the air on either side of the field. Using the bicycle kick movement is unexpected in most situations as it is not powerful, but rejecting the other team a little can make the difference between the scores of the two teams. Don’t overlook the backflip in situations where you don’t move quickly.

Don’t worry about the aerial gameplay yet

The most impressive games are made when a car flies through the air and scores a goal. It is almost fascinating to see how some players succeed. That being said, as a beginner, it is not at all important to master the aerial gameplay. Yes, it can give you an advantage, but it will only be in niche situations. Most of the time, you will react to the ball on the ground or bounce off the wall. Focus first on other aspects of Rocket League. Develop your communication with your team, learn how the ball flies and bounces on objects, and perfect your turnaround strategy, and you’ll be a good player. The most complicated things will eventually happen.

Hope this guide can help the players who are new to the game, and if you want to learn more professional gameplay, check out more Rocket League Guides here.