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Getting started with Warzone? The game, however, may get really challenging if you are a beginner, as we know it is a game of survival.   Even surviving for more than a few minutes could be compared to scaling a mountain without any gears, let alone succeeding. We can assist you in getting some gear as well as tips on how to survive and perhaps win the game.. You can also test out some fresh tricks listed at to help you win and survive.

Therefore, we hope you are prepared for a quick practise before reading the rest of our Call of Duty: Warzone beginning guide.

Even with Undetected Warzone hacks, we fully comprehend how difficult COD: Warzone can be. And as a result, these tips and advice from experts on how to win and survive are as follows.

Fix your Loadout

You must adjust your loadout before entering the Warzone. The difference between winning and losing depends on the loadout. You gain experience as your account levels up, enabling you to access better perks and weapons. 

In Warzone, whether in battle-royale mode or a different one, you get experience and attachment unlocks for the weapons you use. Purchasing bundles from the store is another way to gain access to blueprints; doing so already provides you with a fully equipped weapon.

Additionally, you have perks for each loadout, which are additional skills that can change the course of a battle. Per loadout, three perks can be set. However, you can only activate them along with your weapons through an in-game loadout drop.

Make most of the airtime 

The amount of individuals dropping in at the site can be determined using the airtime. Call out or ping any potential threats while in communication with your squad. This will give you and your team some time to consider whether it would be best for you to engage in combat or to flee. Keep in mind that sometimes it is preferable to play it safe and intelligently rather than aggressively.

You could also use weapons while in the air to kill enemies. You only need to open your parachute once to get your pistol out of hiding. During this phase, it will be challenging to aim, but taking out an adversary in mid-air guarantees a kill.

Stay moving at all times

War is typically extremely slow and drawn out, but in Call of Duty: Warzone things move a little more quickly. Warzone discourages slow players, in contrast to other battle royale games that require players to play a little more slowly. Despite having a vast landscape, the game keeps you on your toes at all times. You don’t actually experience fatigue or pain from the weight of your weapon.

Understanding when, how, and where to reposition could be the difference between you and your team winning. You must master the dash and slide manoeuvres since they make you more manoeuvrable during a gunfight.

Get a vehicle

Having a vehicle such as a helicopter  at the beginning of each game might be significant for your team because they can be used for a massive attack. The helicopter features two mounted machine guns, giving it the capacity to shoot down your enemies. The airplane’s passive radar as it flies above any region of the map could be utilised for reconnaissance.

On the other hand, land vehicles, like the truck that can offer cover and transportation for the entire squad, are more defensive in nature. Both kinds of vehicles, though, are vulnerable to explosives, and Warzone is rife with them.

Win the Gulag time

Although getting downed or killed isn’t fun, you won’t die in this game just once. You will go to the gulag if you die for the first time. You will engage in combat with another player here. For this mode, you are each given the same gun, explosives, and utility loadout, and you have one minute to engage in combat. By capturing a flag that will spawn midway through your fight, you can kill your enemy or outwit them.

You will both lose the gulag if you don’t kill someone or capture the flag when the timer goes off. Winning in the gulag ensures your respawn, along with the gun you already possessed.