How To Replace Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery

Is the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S8 weak? Then don’t worry you can replace the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S8 by yourself. Use just have to follow the given user guide to replace the battery of Samsung Galaxy S8

But the important thing is that when you open the device then the waterproof seals of your Samsung Galaxy S8 will damage.

Other than this before disassembling your Samsung Galaxy S8 you should discharge the battery below 25 per cent. If the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S8 is swollen then do not heat your device and use the eye protection because swollen batteries are very dangerous.

So follow all the given steps to replace the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S8.  

Tools that you need:

  • Plastic prying tool
  • Flat picks
  • iFlex opening tool
  • iPlastix
  • Tweezers
  • Suction cup
  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver
  • Heat gun

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8:

  • First, turn off your device, for this, you have to press and hold the power button until the power off option show on your Samsung S8 screen
  • Now confirm that you want to turn off your device with the help of your finger

Step 2:  Remove back cover of your device:

You have to use the hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the back cover of Samsung Galaxy S8 because when the glue is warm then it is very easy to remove back cover. After using the heat gun the best way to remove the back cover is using the flat tool including the iPlastix or iFlex. All the steps to do this are given below.

  • First, take your device and heat gun then heat the place from where you want to start
  • After heating place a suction cup on the bottom of your Samsung Galaxy S8 back cover
  • Now press the flat tool between the frame and the back cover
  • Pull-on the suction cup
  • When the flat tool is inserted into the gap between the frame and back cover then run it around the edges of your Samsung Galaxy S8 to remove the back cover.
  • After loosening the glue form that part heat the other place of your device
  • Repeat the previous steps for the whole device and when the complete back cover is loosened then lift it very slightly

Step 3:  Disconnect fingerprint sensor

  • When the back cover is detached then lift it
  • But the fingerprint sensor is connected with a cable
  • Disconnect the fingerprint scanner very carefully with the help of the spudger
  • Now completely remove the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy S8 and set it aside

Step 4:  Remove the midframe of your smartphone:

  • Here you will find the long Phillips screws, remove these Phillips screws from the board and set them aside
  • The logic board of your Samsung Galaxy S8 is covered with the NFC tag
  • Now take this NFC tag out

Step 5:  Disconnect the battery:

  • After doing all the steps the battery connector of your device is free
  • Disconnect the battery if you don’t want any short circuits at the time of repairing

Step 6:  Remove the speaker unit of Samsung Galaxy S8:

  • 10 Phillips screws are present
  • Remove all these Phillips screws
  • After this lift the speaker with the help of tweezers and then completely remove it

Step 7:  Remove the battery

The battery of Samsung Galaxy S8 is glued very strongly so remove the battery of your device very carefully.

  • First, detach the battery from the enclosure then insert the tool on the side between the enclosure and the battery.
  • Carefully and slowly pry out the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery.
  • Now repeat the same process on the other sides of your device battery.
  • But make sure at the time of removing the battery you don’t damage the motherboard or other components of your Samsung Galaxy S8

After detaching the complete glue you can easily remove the battery of your device

To reassemble your Samsung Galaxy S8 you have reversed all the steps. But before reassembling turns on your device and tests your device is working properly or not. I hope you understand the complete process and with these steps, you can easily remove your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery.