How Much Does a Desk Cost: Price Ranges for Top-Quality, Multipurpose Tables

There’re certainly lots of questions you could possibly ask. But the main question you’d ask is how much does a desk cost? Asking vital questions is a must for the perfect desk as I’ve learned over the years.

The right desk could be elusive, and when you’ve finally got one in your sights, some factors may put it out of reach all of a sudden.

It takes a lot of experience to get the right tables, and as you’d have it, there’s a tiny bit about tables that I don’t know about!

There’re lots of desks out there. Getting one at a right price could be a bit challenging to manage. That’s why you need a desk with all the features you need, at the perfect price.

I took it on myself to extensively go through lots of desks in stores and collated a lot of info concerning how much these tables cost.

To ensure you get a good idea of how much you’d have to spend, I’ll provide price ranges for these desks. I’d also show you some features which determine the fluctuating prices of these tables.

Let’s take a much closer look, and make the most from this info for a befitting desk at a great price.

Electronic Desks

There’s a lot tech has touched since its boom more than three decades ago. And today, you can feel a direct touch of tech in electronic desks.

Electric desks give you the function of an easy raise or lowering as you please. These desks are perfect for a range of sitters and supports people of all heights.

Most electronic desks usually have enough space to hold two monitors. There’re also some units with ground clamps, making them unmovable.

Getting a quality electronic desk could cost you anywhere from $300 to $1000. In most cases, these prices depend on a chosen table’s extra features.

Gaming Desks

Gaming desks have a lot of designs aimed at providing considerable support for gamers. If you’re an old-timer, you may prefer a white gaming desk with drawers, but there’s a whole lot more right now.

If you’re in the market for a gaming desk, the prices mainly vary depending on what you need. In most units, gaming desks could cost a little under a $100.

Such low-priced tables will give you a little more than just where to put your monitors and devices on. If you’re looking to get more from a gaming desk, be ready to pay from $150 – $500.

Multi-User Desk

If your workspace has more than one station, consider getting a multi-user table. These desk range from two-person to four-person, and there’re some desks that can fit more personnel.

Getting a dual-user desk could cost you within $300 – $650. But there’re some desks that could cost more. In a nutshell, these desks cost more when its number of users increases.

Standard Desks

 A standard desk usually supports one-person sitting. Standard desks could come with or without drawers, depending on your preference.

A standard desk could cost anywhere within the region of $150 – $400. But based on extra features such as shape, add-ons, and more, the price for a standard desk could go significantly higher.

Office Desks

Office desks are much larger in a lot of units. These desks are designed to hold a lot of stuff other than monitors. If you’re looking to go old-fashioned with an office desk, then you could get one for about $200. But more modern desks could go for about $400 – $650. 

Cabinet – Fitted Desks

Desks fitted with cabinets have a lot of benefits for office spaces. It’s also the perfect table for getting three-square privacy.

For a single cabinet – fitted desk you may need to fork out about $200 – $300. The prices depend on your chosen desk’s quality. 


How much does a desk cost? You’re not going to ask such a question anymore with all the info you’ve seen in this read. Make a choice based on your budget and net worth provided, and make the most from your decision more comfortably!