Effective Ways for a Pharmacist to Make an Instagram Post Fetch Over 1000 Followers



If you are a qualified pharmacist and still not utilizing a powerful social media platform like Instagram, you are losing out on golden opportunities to boost your pharmacy career or establish a robust personal brand. You must realize that Instagram is essential for your career growth and development. Instagram is a real asset for pharmacists trying to build brand awareness online, draw the attention of their target audience, and gain uncountable followers. Instagram has completely transformed the way pharmacies do their business. The patient and pharmacist relationship is not anymore restricted to within the four walls of the pharmacy. Thanks to Instagram today, these relationships have become a daily interaction via sharing health and fitness tips and receiving likes, comments, and active engagement straightaway from your customers.

What is Instagram?

As per, in recent times, there have been a lot of discussions among hospital marketing experts regarding the efficacy of using Instagram marketing. Healthcare has been in the past quite slow in adopting social media in comparison to other businesses. Today healthcare professionals are exploring brand new marketing platforms that are just perfect for catering to their specific target audiences.

However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the healthcare and wellness sector are realizing the importance of utilizing Instagram marketing and Instagram advertising techniques for boosting brand awareness and establishing brand recognition online.

Instagram had started as a picture-sharing app way back in October 2010 and within just a few years it has gained phenomenal popularity and is regarded as one of the most popular and dominating social networking sites. Instagram boasts of having over 1 billion active users every month and millions of businesses are utilizing this powerful marketing platform for promoting their unique brands. Instagram is predominantly a picture-centric and visually-oriented social media platform; several businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity for showcasing their unique products and services. A pharmacist too must take advantage of such a versatile social media platform to build his network and influence on Instagram. Instagram is the right destination for sharing your unique story and inviting potential followers to join your community. You may buy 50 likes on Instagram from a reliable digital marketing company to expand your reach.

Be Personal

Stories you share on Instagram must come from within- if you’re recycling or telling someone else’s story, it will just not have the same kind of impact as your own. You are an authoritative source on your journey, and this tends to resonate with followers a lot more. Staying true to oneself is the true key to success on social media, but it isn’t a skill easily learned. Give it time and develop a personal voice that you can use for all your posts. Instagram often seems tangential to your career arc as a pharmacist, but if you can wait it out and understand its value, you will be able to advance your development significantly.

Reasons for a Pharmacist to Be on Instagram

If you were to look for a common ingredient of successful stories, you will discover very soon that the not-so-secret formula is trust. It powers virtually every relationship there is, not only between individuals but also between businesses and their customers. When the relationship is very personal, confidential, and sensitive, the trust factor becomes even more important as those in the financial or healthcare services will certify. The pharmacy practice, especially, relies on the trust factor to differentiate itself from the competition. Having a presence on Instagram and posting good-quality, relevant, and current content can act as a good strategy for a pharmacy to interact and engage with their customers – the process leads to trust forming over time that can be extremely enduring.

Of course, pharmacies must ensure that not only is the content accurate and relevant to their followers but also is consistent and aligned well with their brand. While acquiring customers in the shortest possible time may look like a worthy goal, the real trick is to ensure clarity of communication and is focused on building the brand of the pharmacy. This will help in the acquisition of followers who know exactly what they are looking for in the relationship they are getting into.

While creating useful and relevant content is an Instagram strategy that most pharmacies will be familiar with, what will enable you to set yourself apart in the crowd of competing pharmacies is the kind of innovation you can conjure up. By presenting your content aesthetically and appealingly or by giving the post a special creative twist that aides branding, you will be able to help your posts shine and attract more eyeballs that will result in a deeper level of interaction and engagement with your brand.

Pharmacies also need to recognize the fact that for their communication to be successful in getting across to their target audiences, not only does it have to be relevant but also intrinsically authentic. Not only is the authenticity of contents vital for building brand recognition but also for building the connection that makes it more believable and trustworthy. When you set the tone and pace in authenticity, you also force the rest of the industry to follow suit.


It can be very easy to lose track in pursuit of growth and profits, however, if there is one thing that is essential for every healthcare institutions and pharmacies, it is humanity. Instagram is the ideal place where pharmacies can showcase instances of how humanity works at the heart of their industry. Engaging posts with stories of seemingly-insurmountable struggles, lessons learned from tough situations that make this the toughest of industries, can make a deep impression on your target audience.