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The ink replacement cost can be a significant factor in making a decision for which printer to buy. It is because, after using a printer for a year, one will calculate that it had paid more for the ink cartridges than the printer.

The inkjets printer manufacturers are notorious for selling their products at a meager price. It is because they know they could earn more by selling ink cartridges. It is a surprising thing, but many of the inkjet printers cost less to buy than to purchase a new set of printer ink Cartridges.

So, now this will be a common question: what printer uses the cheapest ink. To get the answer, you need to study some facts that make a printer uses less or most affordable ink. The simple answer is when a printer will use less ink; then it will cost less for per page print. Thus the printer becomes a product that will use the cheapest ink.

The affordable printer didn’t refer to its purchasing rates; it also depends on the cost-saving efficiency. Therefore it is good to choose a printer that is capable of lessening the costs of printing.

In this article, we will discuss what kind of features makes a printer cost-efficient. We will also discuss the top models of affordable printers for long term usage. Let’s start the discussion by describing the facts that make a printer cost-efficient.

Which facts can make a printer cost-efficient?

In simple words, the answer to this question is “cost per page.”  How much will a printer cost for printing one page can determine whether it is cost-efficient or not? Let’s take a look at facts that affect the cost per page print.

  1. Price of the printer:

Earlier, we said that the amount of purchasing a new printer is not only the factor in choosing the best printer. But when it comes to cost efficiency, the prices of a printer can make a factor.

For example, sometimes, one gets attracted to a printer model, which consists of so many advanced features. A printer that is built with some fantastic features will be more expensive. But after using it sometimes, the user finds that some of the features of their printer model are useless for them. It makes them think that they have made a wrong decision while selecting a printer. Apart from this, a printer with so many features will cost you high for per page printing.

Therefore always select a printer, as per your requirements.

  1. Ink efficient:

Ink efficiency is the primary factor in calculating the accurate cost per page printing. This only factor can tell you whether the model is affordable for you or not. A simple method to calculate the ink efficiency is, divide the page yield capability with the replacement cost of cartridges or new cartridges.

For example, if a new ink cartridge will cost 300 rupees and it can produce 400 pages, then your cost for per page printing will be (400/300) 1.33/- rupees.

Therefore, always calculate the cost per page printing when you are searching for the most cost-efficient printer.

  1. Size of cartridges:

The size of the ink cartridges also affects the cost efficiency of a printer. Most of the inks cartridges come will XL size. The standard size of the ink cartridge is L. Now, the difference is the XL ink cartridge will produce more pages than the standard sized cartridge.

Now the thing is how it will affect the cost per page printing. As we said, the highest sized ink cartridge will produce more pages then standard sizes, thus you can save the expenses from visiting the store to replace the ink cartridges again and again. For example, if the standard size will take ten days to get empty and the XL size will take 30 days. Then you have to replace the cartridges once a month. You do not have to waste your time and also the travel expenses to visit the store three times in a month. The largest size of ink cartridges is XXL. So always choose a printer that is compatible with XXL size ink cartridge. Check out a printer cartridge supplier for more information.

  1. Aftermarket ink cartridges:

The OEM ink cartridges that are known as the original ink bottle are costly. Sometimes it will cost even more than the buying price of a printer. But, today, printing technology has made several options for ink cartridges.

The third-party manufacturer used the recycled components pieces for replacement purposes. It will cost less than 50 percent to the OEM ink cartridges replacement.

Not all printer modes are compatible with third-party ink cartridges. So it is good to check the compatibility of several brands of ink cartridges in your printer. This factor can save you a lot of money.

  1. Printing requirement:

The requirement of printing pages per month will also affect the cost of per page printing. If you didn’t get this fact, then read further too easily understand.

Suppose a model of a printer is capable of printing 1000 pages in a month. You have a requirement to print 1300 pages each month. Then obviously, your printer will face overload taxes. In the case of overload taxes, the machine parts and cartridges get damaged early. Thus you will have to repair or replace the used parts. The repair and replacement of the components will cost you high to use a printer.

Apart from this, you will most likely have to pay extra for the regular maintenance costs.

Therefore before selecting a printer, always check its capability that suits your needs or not.

FAQ section:

Which printer costs less for regular use, laser or inkjet?

When it comes to laser vs. inkjet, which is the most cost efficient, then the answer is undoubtedly a laser printer. Now, most people will think it costs more to purchase a laser printer than inkjets. The cost-efficiency didn’t depend on the price of the printer.

The maintenance cost, cartridges replacement cost, printing capability, page yield efficiency, powers saving, and more like these facts affects the cost efficiency feature of a printer. The laser printing technology is the best option for an affordable and long term using printers. It is because the printing capability of printer and toner as well is higher than inkjets.

Are ink cartridges expensive than toner?

The toners are more expensive than the counterparts of ink cartridges. The laser printers are more costly than inkjets to purchase a new one. Just like that, the parts or components are also more expensive.

But when it comes to calculating the overall cost, then the toner will cost you less than ink cartridges. Whether it is more expensive, but it is capable of producing more quantity than ink cartridges.

For example, if an ink cartridge will cost you 100 rupees for replacement and allow you to print 300 pages. On the other hand, you will print 1000 pages with a full bottle of toner that will cost you 300 rupees for replacement. Thus the toners are more cost-efficient than ink cartridges but since it is more expensive to replace them.

Which will cost more for maintenance, inkjet, or laser?

The maintenance cost depends on the capability of printing pages per month.  As we know the laser printing technology has the potential to print thousands of pages per month. So it will never face overload taxes. Therefore the counterparts will run longer and demand less maintenance.

On the other hand, inkjets come with a limited usage capability. It will cost high if the inkjet printer faces top overload tasks. The counterparts and the ink cartridge will get damaged soon. Therefore you will need to spend more money on its maintenance.