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4 Striking Benefits of Buying Australian Quilts This Winter

Making the bed and diving in for a good night’s sleep could be the best feeling ever, right? Undoubtedly, night’s sleep determines the entire vibe of the day that follows. Sometimes, certain things can intervene with a good nap, which can be utterly bothersome. Things like bad pillows, itchy bed covers or the extreme Australian climate outside can drastically affect the sleep pattern.

Australian wool quilt

For the winters around the corner, an Australian wool quilt should be the next thing to buy! After all, cosiness and warmth equal a genuine sleep! But why pick Aussie quilts? Though there are infinite wool quilt options to buy from, an Australian quilt could be the best addition to the closet.

Pros of Picking Australian Wool Quilts

Here is a list of reasons why picking an Australian wool quilt out of the crowd makes sense!

  1. They Aren’t Just for Winters!

Well, most people still believe that blankets are merely winter essentials. But the truth is that they are natural temperature regulators. That is, wrapping yourselves with wool quilts in summer helps to get rid of excess heat! On the flip side, during winters, it is comforting with some warmth!

  1. Just Made for Newborns

Australian wool quilts can be the best thing to wrap babies along. They feel cosy no matter what the climate is! Secondly, wool naturally has an antibacterial property. It is because they get rid of moisture quickly!

  1. Fire-Resistance

Though many know wool is an insulator, many belittle this benefit when buying a quilt. These quilts are remarkably resistant to flames, unlike regular bed covers that might catch fire during emergencies!

  1. Allergic? Directly Pick Aussie Wool!

Australian wool quilts are highly breathable and lightweight and thereby provide the best comfort. Additionally, made of 100% wool, these quilts are hypoallergenic and do not attract dust or mites, making them highly safe for allergic individuals! That is why Aussie wool is best-suitable for asthma patients to get their long, craved, good sleep!

What to look for before buying a wool quilt?

Now that the benefits of Australian quilts are well-known, the multiple options can be confusing, eventually ending up in the wrong choice. For the perfect sleep, it is also significant to look out for these aspects,


Australian quilts come in diverse dimensions and, to pick the right one, you should know what size you need! And so, before proceeding to buy a blanket, make sure to measure your bed size if you don’t know. A regular measuring tape will be sufficient to do this. For instance, if you have a king-sized bed, the dimensions must be 72″ X 85, for a single bed, it is 36″ X 75″, and so on!

Wool type

For anyone shopping for a wool quilt for the first time, too many choices may sound arduous to choose! And so, first, look out for the wool type to sort out the products that match your requirements. For instance, if looking for a remarkably hypoallergenic quilt, Merino can be the best option to pick. On the other hand, if preferring a budget product, look for wool blends as they are relatively cheaper.


It is super important to check out how much a quilt weighs before going with it. It’s because weight plays a vital role in adding comfort. That is, a heavy and thick quilt may seem the right winter choice but may induce suffocation or cause mild burning on prolonged usage.

Australian quilts are also remarkable for the fact they require occasional maintenance. So, isn’t it a one-time investment for a safe, warm and cosy night’s sleep? Also, remember, it’s a step towards an eco-friendly Earth too!

Author Bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.