All You Must Know About Hearing Loss and Consecutive Treatments

Hearing loss can be a detrimental factor to both young kids as well as ageing adults. It is speculated to interfere with their learning abilities and concentration factor for children, whereas for adults, it is associated with memory loss and increased risk of depression. Undergoing a hearing test in a clinic or online can help identify the intensity of hearing loss in an individual and help them decide what type of hearing aid to purchase to restore their hearing capabilities.

hearing test

It might be surprising to know that hearing loss is a common disease in Australia, with 3.6 million people currently affected by it. It is even theorised that less than half of that number could have been prevented with timely intervention and the right treatment. With the increased awareness of hearing deficiencies in the country, the Australian government has rolled out subsidies and policies for providing treatment opportunities and devices to combat hearing loss. Many companies and brands have also released many products to help people with such a disability.

Some of the Main Causes of Hearing Loss Include

  • Infections in the ear canal
  • Sudden or long exposure to loud noises or music.
  • Brain or head injury.
  • Chemical exposure.

What Are the Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

People who are afflicted with hearing damage may not be completely aware of such a problem. This is because the signs are subtle and less intense until they grow to their drastic proportions. After that, it may be too late to reverse the effect and may become a permanent disability for people to live with. But recognising the right signs and symptoms can help identify the problem and find a solution beforehand. Take a look at some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss:

  • People who have hearing loss may have trouble focusing or concentrating in noisy areas.
  • They will have a hard time trying to grasp what others have to say and cannot comprehend the normal conversation.
  • They constantly ask people to speak louder or repeat what they said.
  • Sounds coming from TV, computers, or speakers may appear lower, and the person is constantly increasing the volume, which is higher than normal.
  • Loud noises tend to be more discomforting than usual.
  • The ringing of the doorbells and phones may not be as audible and sometimes get completely ignored.
  • There is always a constant ringing in the ears or a buzzing that will occur frequently.

Suppose a person is experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. In that case, they are recommended to take an appointment with a medical practitioner and figure out whether they are affected by hearing loss. If the problem is found sooner, the better the chances of treatment and cure. Australians can even access online platforms that offer an online hearing test which people can go through in the comfort of their homes.

Common Treatments for Hearing Loss

  • Hearing Aids: They are the most common treatment in Australia, where people wear a device on their ears to intensify or amplify vibrations and convert them into audible sounds.
  • Device Accessibility: Devices such as phones, laptops and other daily objects are tuned per a person’s hearing capability. This enables them to use it more effectively based on the intensity of their hearing loss.
  • Cochlear Implants: A small device that is capable of electronically stimulating the cochlear nerve.
  • Surgery: Unlike cochlear implantation, general surgery is done to remove hard tissue or bone that may affect the hearing process of a person.

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