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How To Best Deter Vandals From Targeting Your Home

Credit: Pixabay

Whether you’re looking to take precautions against future threats from vandalism to your home, or you are taking retrospective action after having suffered the consequences of anti-social behaviour in and around your home, it’s a highly unpleasant situation for anyone to be in.

Not only is the home supposed to be one’s true sanctuary, where peace and comfort should be guaranteed, acts of vandalism can be extremely damaging and thoughtless to boot – where one act that takes mere seconds can cause weeks or even months of distress for the victim of the attack.

What’s more, the threat of vandalism can be an incredibly intimidating one, especially if it continues to happen on multiple occasions, and the perpetrators hang out in groups of people acting in an anti-social or intimidating fashion – there can be a feeling of helplessness, and a fear that approaching the situation first hand could end badly. 

Thankfully, in the modern world, there are solutions that one can pursue if they are feeling threatened by anti-social behaviour, or having their property damaged by mindless acts of vandalism. 

Of course, it’s always important to alert the police to dangerous situations – but to provide deterrents while also taking care of a wide range of potential security issues is an effective and potentially impactful step.

Read on to find out more about some of the best ways to deter vandals from targeting your home. 

Visible Alarms And CCTV 

As mentioned in the introduction, directly approaching people engaging in anti-social behaviour and potentially destructive vandalism could be a dangerous step, as you have no idea how they will react to it, no matter how civil you are with your approach.

While not physical barriers, alarms and CCTV are essential items in the setup of any home security system, providing the main functionality to be able to alert to breaches of the perimeter, as well as track, identify and prosecute the offenders once the response has been initiated. 

Any potential perpetrator knows that when they see alarm systems and CCTV, they are very sensitive and high-tech devices – that will not likely give them much chance of leaving the scene unidentified. The fear of real consequences for their actions will most likely deter them from engaging in criminal behaviour. 

Using Light And Sound 

Another innovative strategy to focus on when deterring vandals from targeting your property is the use of light and sound. Both can be highly effective in dissuading trespass and breaking in, as well as loitering around the home.

Motion sensor lights show that any movement around the property won’t go unnoticed, while high-frequency sound emission is already widely in use for discouraging anti-social teens from congregating in certain areas. 

Security Fencing And Strategically Planted Shrubbery

In terms of physical barriers and ensuring your home’s territorial integrity, security fencing and shrubbery can work together to provide a mix of both privacy and ample obstacles, ensuring that no area of your property is easily accessed through means other than the main gates. 

Shrubbery can also succeed in hiding large portions of the property from view, whether this is the front room with its large windows, or the true extent of the garden, meaning there’s less chance the property will be chosen out of the blue.