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What Makes Polo Shirts a Unique Apparel in Men’s Wardrobes  

man wearing blue lacoste polo shirt and silver colored analog watch

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Who could have thought that a must-have men’s apparel would find its roots in a game of polo (hence polo shirts), become a hit on the tennis court and be popularised by a tennis legend?! Like its history, the growth trajectory of mens polo shirts is equally interesting and exciting. Thanks to Rene Lacoste, the journey of polo shirts begins with him wearing these full-sleeved shirts on the court for better agility and swiftness. And there has been no looking back since then. Today, you cannot consider a man’s wardrobe to be complete without at least one polo shirt gracing it! And there are countless reasons to believe the buzz around them.

Here are four of them to help you understand what they bring to the table and why they must find a place in every man’s closet (and heart):

They Are Not Occasion-Bound: Polo shirts are the perfect ‘suave meets style’ apparel and can notch up almost any look, no matter the occasion. Their unique nonchalance renders them ideal wear at work, park or even home! You can pair a classic polo shirt with a smart blazer for a chic impression or slip into a chino and polo shirt for a day out with folks. It is precisely this occasion-agnostic nature of these shirts that sets them apart from most other men’s clothing. Depending on how you wish to pair and carry them, polo shirts are pretty non-complicated additions to your wardrobe.

They Are Not Combination-Bound: With polo shirts, the sky’s the limit. Have an upcoming meeting and little time to style your look? Add a subtle polo shirt to a suit, and you’re set! Piping variants work best to give an overall sophisticated look. Baseball match on the weekend coming up? Nothing better than a colour block polo shirt combined with relaxed cargo pants. There is much room to experiment with polo shirts, and these apparel perfectly fill in the gap when it comes to the ‘in-between’ appearance. If you’re worried about being overdressed or even underdressed, for that matter, polo shirts are your safest bet.

They Are Available in Several Styles & Prints: Like any other apparel, mens polo shirts too have undergone a significant change over the years. You name it, and the polo shirt variant in your choice of colour or print is available. Hence, you’re thoroughly spoilt for choices as you can pick from a range of jersey knit polo shirts to chequered and stripe prints or monochrome polo shirts adorned with vibrant-hued buttons to breast pocket; embroidered variants, and the list goes on! You can layer style them or don them with denim shorts. All in all, it will be safe to say that you can never run out of choices when it comes to polo shirts.

They Are Easy to Wear & Maintain: When time is not your best friend, a polo shirt certainly is. Wearing them elevates not only your entire look but also the experience of getting dressed. Absolutely hassle-free, unique yet safe and sharp yet subtle, can any other apparel balance this fine line better than them? All you’ve got to crack is what you wish to pair with your polo shirt, and you’re through! And finally, unlike other fabrics or clothing pieces, polo shirts do not require extra effort or care to maintain. A simple wash and iron (optional again) is the only thing you need to deem them wearable in the long run.

Now that you’re acquainted with some reasons that make polo shirts truly unique, it is time to embrace them as part of your collection and personal style.

Written By: Ellen Hollington