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Tips to Leverage Social Media for Mobile App Marketing



As technology is increasing in its full pace, you’ll observe thousands of mobile applications introduced every single day. These mobile applications range from games to fitness trackers, from book readers to video makers, and from camera filters to mobile protection. However, there are a few and the limited number of applications which have satisfied the consumers standing out from others. Your application popularity doesn’t concern the features or performance; it depends on marketing that has driven application popularity. You social strength such your Instagram followers can be leveraged to promote your app.

Having such a massive number of applications, out of which most have the same purpose, users usually lean towards the application more, which has been popular among others. The whole scenario falls into making your application popular so that the crowd can embrace it.

We compiled some world-class certified tips on marketing your mobile app through different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can easily follow these tips to boost your app popularity without spending a lot.

Launching A Personalized App

The launch timing of any application on social media is very crucial. Instead of introducing your application on social media after the launch, you have to introduce your app before it. This will be very fruitful in creating hype and popularity of your application beforehand. Most people commit the mistake of starting social media marketing after the app is released. You’ll not only observe an instant downfall in your confidence but will also face criticism then you will start questioning your decisions.

During the planning process of an ideal marketing strategy, you must have the answers to the following questions in your mind.

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  • Out of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more what social network to target for content promotion?
  • What will content type be suitable for my application?
  • What will be the content scheduling hours?

Once you have the answers, you can introduce your application to different communities on the web.

Collaborating with Influencers

One of the most important things to consider, when marketing your mobile app is that you can not treat all your users equally, some of them have way more influence than others. That’s the reason you have to design your social media strategy to please them all.

Most people will know the brand of Drake’s shoes. However, they’ll not remember the colour of the shirt you wore this morning. This has nothing to do with your personality, it’s just about the influence that celebrities have upon people. Whatever they do becomes a trend. Similarly, you have to look upon the renown of your niche, the software gurus when following any trend.

All you have to do is get a recommendation from the person who’s the most influential in the mobile world. People will automatically value his words, and many new users will try out your application making it popular on the web. Buy Shoutouts on Instagram and on other platforms as it can be a reliable tactic which can give your app an ultimate boost.

Doing Joint Ventures with Creative Writers

There’s always an advertisement jingle that stuck into your head or an ad so funny that you stop to watch it every time it airs. These are the masterpieces of the advertisement industry, keeping a precise approach for drawing more customers. This is one of the most acceptable tactics used by many multinational corps to sell their products. They don’t showcase their products asking you to buy them in a straight-forward manner. Instead, they lure you into buying it by creating a desire in your heart to buy that particular product.

You have to do the same for promoting your mobile application. You have to come up with a creative and relatable content format so that people want to have the desire to try it.

Creating Engaging Content for Viewers

In this fast-moving digital age, nobody has the time to read books. People want to learn instantly; they appreciate learning new things briefly. For this purpose, you have to make sure that the content you post on social media should be promotional in a way that it can be informative and unique. When you’re selecting the range, be picky and precise, don’t settle for anything you won’t read.

Think of yourself, if you see an advertisement with bookish words and unnecessary details with the visible intention of letting you download the application, will you go for it? Obviously, not. You have to ensure that the content should neither be too direct, nor should it be drifting your user away from the topic. Even if you have a cooking application, your content should only be containing recipes, tips, and innovative ideas.

Using Interactive Infographics and Images

People working in marketing would know the importance of the quote images is worth a thousand words. Interestingly, a single photo can easily replace the lengthy block of text and will be delivering the message more effectively. Even psychology agrees that people tend to adapt more knowledge visually than by reading long articles. You have to think of an innovative way of using visual aids to increase the engagement of your audience. This will result in more people exploring your application and enhancing your app popularity on the web.

Avoid Forcing Viewers to Buy

One of the most important rules of marketing is don’t push your customers. Your work is only to state the popular features of the application and tell its price. After that, it’ll be up to them to buy it or not. You shouldn’t be having any pushy content on any social media post. Instead of that, you can create more compelling and creative content so that they can automatically try it.

In this ever-evolving digital age, it isn’t a wonder to think that social media has taken over the primary traffic control of your mobile app. Your application can gain thousands of relevant potential users within a few days just by using different social media platforms for marketing.

For this, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money promoting your app on play store, just go with a reliable social media marketing strategy.