Signs you need a web re-design

web re-design

web re-design

In order to make a good first impression on your potential clients, it is essential that your business site remains fresh- it is the truth that appearances do matter and keeping your best face in the front will help you stand out of competition.

Even in the fast internet world, there are a lot of things that future-proof your site, such as implementing simple website design principles, ignoring unneeded trendy technology and ensuring that your website remains updated. Here are some categories mentioned and if your business website falls in any of them, it is time to upgrade your site with the help of re-design.

Your site uses Flash

Previously Flash animation was used by companies that desired to looked technologically new and make their site pop. Homepage videos, flash texts and sparkling menus soon faded and users didn’t appreciate the extra colors and looked for the mute button.

Nowadays, a business website primarily is all about communicating details of your business in a simple to understand and easy to find manner without downloading any external software like Flash.

Another con of Flash is that it will not work on all handheld devices.

Your site isn’t mobile responsive

Well, nowadays 90% of the users access the web on their smartphone! The number is high and this is why your prospective customer may leave your website if they are not able to use it properly on their smartphone.

As smartphone usage has gained its peak, the number of people browsing web on their handheld devices is rising. A mobile responsive site means that customers can access your site on the go. It will ensure that your website is fluid and easily fit for different screen sizes such as laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphones.

Cheap Website Design is responsive web design Australia experts. Whether you want to design a new site from the scratch or convert your present site for mobile devices, they will help you do it with ease.

Your site is static

A static website is a past thing- content management systems are the future.

Instead of comprising of a series of hard-coded pages, a CMS makes your site content dynamic and easy to edit. So, you can simply log in and edit your site content on your own and “Save” the changes instantly, without contacting a developer for updates.

Using a present framework means that your site is working well and running quicker and the wide number of add-ons available means you can enhance the functionality of your site enormously. You are only restricted by your imagination.

So, in case your site is guilty of any of the above things, then it is time you reconsider your website design to ensure that your prospective clients can easily access your site and your site is able to render all the functions effectively and promote your business.

For any help related to web design Australia to re-design an old site or work on a new website, you can get in touch with professionals at Cheap Website Design.