Secure VPS Hosting Plan – How to Choose an Appropriate Plan?

Finding a secure VPS hosting plan can be frustrating. You may need additional settings to make your VPS more convenient. Nevertheless, how to keep your data secure is a question we will answer in this post.

How to Secure VPS Hosting Plan?

Nowadays, a secure Windows 10 VPS hosting plan is a demanding service required for your business. However, how to secure your data? Here is some suggestion to improve the security of your VPS hosting we are going to talk about in this article:

To Sign into Your VPS Use SSH Protocol

One of the most important items to consider for securing a VPS hosting plan is using SSH protocol. Secure Socket Shell (SSH) is a protocol that comes with cryptographic encryption to help administrators run on it. This strategy is more secure and reliable than others. This protocol will help you to take immediate traffic and a safer turnout. Thanks to its undeniable degree of encryption. Besides, it is very lightweight that makes it the ideal item for accessing the server.

Set Complex Passwords

Using a strong password will make your online security more reliable. To secure VPS hosting plan, never utilize imprudent or powerless passwords. Use a complicated password selected with a mix of numbers, signs, uppercase, and lowercase letters to improve your system. Never use literal words. They are easy to guess. We also recommend you set a scheduling time for changing your VPS password regularly. It will secure VPS hosting plan from the risk of savage power that intends to assault your server.

Adjusting the Port to Login to SSH

Another method to secure VPS hosting plan is adjusting the port to log in to SSH. If you alter the default port to a new SSH port, it will be difficult for others to penetrate your site by using your password (It means you can change the default SSH port that is 22 to a new SSH port). If you change it, nobody can discover it. To do so, you have to get to the SSH file configuration (/and so forth/ssh/sshd_config) or as per the OS you are using.

Using a Managed Server for Security

Your business needs to keep a website, e-commerce, and other aspects of online activity to grow. Selecting a correct server from an excellent provider and picking a perfect web hosting from a trustworthy provider such as Routerhosting to have a strong impact on your security. Besides, using a managed or unmanaged VPS hosting can have a different experience on your website.

As you know, hosting providers have these two choices to offer you. If you do not have a previous background in managing a website, managed VPS hosting will be a good option for you. If you select a managed VPS hosting(RouterHosting), you will acquire technical skills. They come with pre-installed software that simply helps you to manage your VPS control panel and troubleshoots nearly all problems.

On the contrary, If you select the right unmanaged VPS plan, you can take whole control of your website. Besides, the process of updates, improving performance, and the server will perform by your IT expert. but how they can provide the security of your VPS plan?

A Managed VPS hosting plan will take care of administration, support, setup, and management of the server and an application. Provided services will differ from host to host, selected operating systems, full-time customer support, network foundation, hardware management, fundamental safety efforts such as virus and spam protection, and all things that influence on server’s performance.

The main responsibility of managed VPS servers is to guarantee customer’s sites. It helps applications to keep them running consistently and make them secure. These insurances will provide by Service Level Arrangement (SLA) that show how the managed hosting service provider will guarantee the customer if something goes wrong.

Routerhosting is one of these VPS hosting providers that provide its customers with a extraordinary guarantee. It gives a 7-days money-back guarantee to all customers that order a managed or unmanaged VPS hosting plan. With the high level of security on these plans, provides a VPS hosting plan that some of its features are including:

  • Instant Setup
  • Manage Multiple VPS from One Account
  • View Bandwidth Usage
  • View Disk Usage
  • View Memory Usage
  • View Network Information
  • View Graphs & Statistics
  • Serial Console Access
  • Mount ISO Images
  • VNC Access
  • RDP Access
  • Edit account details
  • Shutdown / Boot / Reboot
  • Reinstall
  • Change Hostname
  • Change Root Password
  • Change VNC/Console Password
  • Set Reverse DNS (rDNS/PTR)
  • API Access
  • Set Main IP Address
  • Full Root Access

In addition, some of these plans come with a fully automated Virtualizor Control Panel that is easy to manage and very secure. So, Try it. It is completely risk-FREE.