5 Writing Tips You Can Use Everyday



We write every single day. Writing helps us convey ideas and concepts to the reader. But sometimes, it might be hard to deliver worthwhile thoughts, especially when you lack writing practice. This guide will help you write any task, be it an argumentative essay, research, or a short term paper.

Write as much as you can

Indeed, a few people expect to see this as a writing tip to use every day, but it’s true! Practice makes perfect, and whatever any “expert” will tell you, drilling is the most efficient way to improve your writing.

Start with writing papers on topics you are most interested in. Set a word count, and keep writing. Remember that it is your practising session, so no one will grade your essay. Just make writing your habit and try drilling on schedule. You may even do this routine when you are most productive, e.g., early in the morning or late at night.

Write in different styles and read specialized literature

Writing in different styles is challenging. In college, we are told to write according to academic rules. However, where will this lead you if you don’t plan to work in academia? Academic writing is complicated, and writing hard-to-read texts in everyday life will make you no good. Needless to say, you won’t be able to apply such writing at work.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to stand against academic writing. It is a necessary skill. The point is to make your writing diverse. How? The easiest way to accomplish that is to create different papers. For instance, you can write a report one day, and a film review the other one. Read extra literature, starting from scholarly articles, books, and ending with manuals and blog posts. Doing that will help you learn various structures to present graphs, figures, and alike.

Outline and draft every work

Writing is more than a simple routine. It is a ritual. Even in academia, an assigned essay reflects your mindset and standpoint. Therefore, it is essential to prep for the writing session and create a paper’s rough version to know what it will look like in the long run.

Outlining and drafting are excellent ways to make your piece comprehensive and thought-provoking. An outline resembles a roadmap, which helps one follow the direction and not get lost. A draft, in turn, is an element that shows what should be done to make the final document flawless.

Even if your assignment is small, try completing these two steps. They don’t require much time. Yet, the outcomes will prove their effectiveness. Besides, you don’t have to follow a specific strategy when outlining. That is, you can outline your work by writing several questions for every paragraph, or you can create a comprehensive list with bullet points explaining what every section describes.

Use apps to improve your writing

Numerous apps are available these days, so why not use them? Being snowed under with grammar books and dictionaries are a thing of the past. Although romanticized, looking up words in a dictionary and using a grammar book was time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, you now can benefit from this technology development and use various apps to make your writing skillful and outstanding.

It is hard to keep tracking everything that is happening in the tech world, so if you find an app you like and which can help you bolster your writing, use it. In turn, we recommend these three apps to elevate your writing to a new level:

  • Grammarly: Who doesn’t know Grammarly? Without any doubt, the app has already become the best spell checker in the market. Use it when drafting and editing a paper, and carefully learn the mistakes you make.
  • OneLook Reverse: An improved version of Thesaurus, this dictionary demonstrates a dozen synonyms for a sought word. Besides that, you can learn the word’s meaning and see examples of using it.
  • 10FastFingers: A top-notch app to strengthen your typing skills. Like any sports, typing needs a warmup. Use the app before working on your papers, and the entire writing session will be quicker.

Start a blog

Or a diary. It doesn’t matter. The point is to make you put every idea on paper. Choose a topic and write everything you know about it. Analyze how it is related to you. Writing a blog is way deeper than a simple writing practice. It is a meditation, which you can perform at any time of the day.

You don’t even have to share your ideas with others (unless you want to). Use Evernote, Google Notes, or even Twitter to write your takes on various subjects.

Excellent writing is not an inborn skill. To write clearly and impressively, one has to practice hard. If you strive to boost your writing abilities, employ the mentioned tips. Using them daily will help you achieve your writing goals in a timely manner.