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Looking for a job change? The first thing that you need to ensure remains in order is your resume. At a senior level, you will all the more need that important document where you highlight all your accolades and achievements. Just like you dress to impress, you need a polished resume to help you get that spot in your dream company.

Check out some expert tips for a professional senior resume, to help you ace that job application:

  • Use Your Credentials at the Top: No matter how senior you are, one thing that you need to ensure is that your credentials should remain at the top. If at all you opt for executive resume services, they will suggest you add your current/target position at the top. If you happen to come from a very reputed school, you can use that to your advantage, and add that on top instead. 
  • Make Core Skills Visible: While you may want to mention thousands of skills in your resume, some of the core skills of yours must be mentioned right at the top. You can even mention it below the credentials. The idea is to make sure that they remain visible enough and are in a format and font, which are catchy enough and also easy to read.  
  • Highlight Achievements: By achievement, we do not mean the awards and accolades, it is basically the things you are good at, and what you have learned and achieved in your previous firm. For a great resume on paper, you need to make sure that your achievements are highlighted enough. When opting for executive resume services, ask them to talk about your experience in a profile synopsis, add your proficiencies and capabilities. Basically, mention all that you can do at the beginning itself so that even if the recruiter does not have the time to scan your entire resume, they do have a gist of who you are.
  • Areas of Excellence: If you are targeting a few specific roles and there are a few areas where you have been working on for several years, you can use a specific area of excellence section and add those particular keywords there. In the description part, you can mention the work that has been done by you during your previous stints under the specific roles/skills.
  • Job Experience Precis: Your experience section should be precise but also be tailored to the specific job profile so that you have proof that you fulfill all the experience requirements that your potential employer requires. Even executive resume services will tell you that you do not need to mention each and everything that you did at the company, especially, when it is not needed for your future roles.  
  • No description beyond 15 years: For senior resumes writing, you can just mention your work experience before 15 years very precisely. There is no need to be very descriptive about it or write too much about IT. You can use it to show how your career has progressed, but do not write long letters about it as they do not matter as much as your recent stints do. 
  • Education at the End: If you are a young professional, your degree becomes the main selling point of your resume. However, for senior resumes writing, more than the education, it is your skills and your recent work experience that take the centre stage. So, you can make changes in the resume by moving the education section right at the end. For some important degrees, they can be mentioned at the top under the header. 
  • Less is More: Your resume should not exceed more than two pages. When you go for executive resume services, they will also ensure that your resume remains at one page only, but for senior resumes writing, it can go up to two pages. However, make sure that it remains limited to just that. Remember, less is more. 

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