iOS Vs Android: The Forever War!



The battle between an android and iOS user may never end; it has been there ever since both existed. While iOS is all about lifestyle and class, an android is about provision/ accessibility to all and quality in the cheapest of forms. So, if you are trying to decide which one is best for you – how would you do that? There’s just too much confusion because your friends would tell you to get what they have and not the other one and God forbid if your friends have different mobiles then you get to be in the middle of a “which one is better?” war for a long time. Preferences are mostly based on user experience or some other materialistic reasons. 

As per the reports by NEO Group Statistics; an estimated 61% of the total population in the US population uses androids which means that only 29% of the people are able to afford or prefer to have an iOS-powered smartphone. The same goes for users all over the world with a little tweaking to the results every now and then.

The development teams of both the software houses work towards a newly refined version of their already existing software. That is the reason we get so many updated versions to choose from when buying a phone in particular android or iOS stores. What do they focus on most?

  1. Ease of Access
  2. Innovation
  3. Enhancement of Quality
  4. Memory Space

Whatever a mobile company’s development team works on is quite dependent on the basic user as well as developer interests. So how exactly to choose which one is the best fit for your needs and more importantly you?

Just compare the provided table below. The ticks represent that the particular field is something the software company of that sort has worked on and thus it is a plus for that software there.

2.App Store
5.Alternative App Stores & Sliding
6.Charging and Battery Life 
8.Messaging and Calls 
9.Accessories and cases
11.Safer from hackers and viruses

The benefits of both the soft wares collide and go on as a long unending list. While photography might be the sun to their lives for some people, it is absolutely nothing to others. Needs or requirements for each person are, therefore, quite different and variant. Some like to save money and get a mobile that is only a tool of communication for them, while others want a whole package deal to shine amongst their peers. Thus, it can be safely said that none of the operating systems is just okay. They are both important.

Once you are sure of which system you want, you can google mobile reviews and also a mobile’s specification to know which one suits you best. The internet is filled with people’s experiences and reviews along with video tests. Speaking of the internet, a good internet connection is required to make your life easier and quick, check out AT&T Internet that provides up to 1000 Mbps of internet speed and has your back with very supportive customer service.

As far as the price gap between the two systems is concerned, Android wins the race easily. Android better provides a wide range of hardware, which covers various android devices with varying specifications and conditions to draw more consumers. Just because of the badge should Android strive not to overcharge? It strives to deliver its services to all customers without requiring them to spend too much On the other hand, iOS is only available in Apple goods, and the costs are not cheap at anything. 

On both operating systems, several applications are available, but iOS takes the lead clearly. Not inherently due to the number of applications (this is merely a figure), but due to applications’ usability. Thanks to their brand identity, iOS draws more developers either first or exclusively to publish their applications on their platforms. Though about 3.5 million Android apps are available, iOS still win with about 2.2 million users. While the Play store has lots of free software similar to the app store, the app store first gets all the best titles. This is why we prefer quality over quantity!