Fashionable Jewelry That Will Help You Stand Out In 2020



The jewelry you wear is not only a piece of adornment but is more of an expression you give about your personality. From colorful gems to chic statement pieces, 2020 has introduced some of the finest designs in jewelry that are bound to upgrade your looks. Not only this, such precious jewels are sure to make you stand out this year too. Ornate yourself into the following five fashionable styles of jewelry and get ready to cut a dash this twenty-twenty:

  • Hoop and stud earrings

No fashion buff can get tired of hoop and stud earrings ever. Supersized hoops, double hoops, and stud earrings are here to rule! It’s not that these fineries get blend or mix with the other fashion trends, but they are downright standalone in the fashion parade. To give them a state-of-the-art impression, designers have multiplied the hoops in size using different materials for extra measure. Keep your delicate hoops aside this year, and try double hoops and oversized style instead. However, people with dainty persona can go for stud earrings in 2020. The timeless quality of stud earrings lies in its subtle beauty that casts the illusion as the gemstone is floating on your ear. Easier to wear, smaller in size, and elegant in looks, studs are perfect when combined with a sparkle of diamond. 

  • Pearls

Whether you wish to flaunt your style through bracelets or necklaces are your choice, make sure they are embellished with pearls this year. Have bracelets with initials or necklace with your pets name or something like that. This is because pearls are going popular and stronger for fall 2020. From teardrop earrings to glowing headpieces to layered necklaces, pearls are everywhere to rock!  What’s more unique about today’s pearl trend is the attitude of fashionistas who love to pair every fashion article with charming pearls. They are classic, evergreen fashion pieces adored by both men and women. 

  • Colorful jewelry

Another sure-fire fashion accessory to steal the limelight is colorful jewelry. To bring a new spirit to your jewelry wardrobe; welcome jewels in radiant colors and attractive hues this fall. Colorful gemstones, beads, metals, and bright floral jewelries including colorful trio ear cuff sets, and multicolored choker necklaces are all the rage this year’s fashion runway. 

  • Oversized Chains

Oversized chains are yet another showstopper of 2020 that defies all the common norms of fashion-jewelry industry. Expect to see bigger and brighter chains this year. Oversized but lightweight, these chains would amp up all kinds of your outfits. The wearer of huge chain necklace bedecked with shimmering beads are sure to outshine everyone. Fashion-forward fads would love to go bold with these eye-catching sparklers. Style your long chain with something delicate like a solo diamond necklace to contrast the size. 

  • Clashing Metals Jewelry

Looking for another eye-turner fashion piece? Opt for clashing metals jewelry this 2020. The stunning combo of gold and silver will make people look you in awe and wonder for sure. Designers got playful with metals this year and have assembled clashing metals with each other in a single article of jewelry. Guess what? The outcome is overwhelming! If you are a kind of person who enjoys playing with a different splash of colors, patterns, and styles, this fashion article is meant for you. The fine mix of silver and gold gems draws attention to the body parts. To give you an example, if you don on earrings with this clashing combination, it can bring out a pleasing contrast on your face, brightening up your overall look. 

Do try these incredible fashion statements this year and don’t hold on standing out in the fashion crowd with your distinctive sense of style!