Apple Tree International Kindergarten Facilities that You Need to Know



You need to know about the facilities that the Apple Tree International kindergarten has to offer if you are planning to get your kid educated there. The Apple Tree International School is a school for kindergarteners in Bangkok, Thailand. This school has a lot of amazing things to offer when it comes to educating your child. One of the best things that this school has to offer is its facilities. Are you interested to know more? Well, here are the amazing facilities that the Apple Tree International School has to offer.

Apple Tree International School Facilities

First of all, let’s talk about the school facilities that this institution has to offer. Because this is a school for kindergarteners, it is built and designed to be super safe for children. Aside from being very safe, this school also promotes the welfare of every child that decides to get their education there. That is why it is one of the best schools in Bangkok.

There are so many school facilities that you will be able to encounter in the Apple Tree International School. First of all, this school has a huge green outdoor area that is filled with a lot of large trees. This place allows your child to play and explore the great outdoors without having to worry about their safety. Of course, this will be very good for your child’s development. Letting them play out in the open will improve their imagination and motor skills. Your child will also be taught about gardening and farming.

Other than that, this school also has a room that is dedicated to music, dance, and yoga for kids. You will also find a physical education room for the children. This kindergarten also has several other facilities that will help the development of your child. These facilities include a kid’s library, a child-sized pool, a playground with sand play, a canteen, a nurse room, and a huge parking space for parents.

Apple Tree International School Activities

Other than the useful facilities that we have mentioned above, the Apple Tree International School also provides your child with a lot of activities that will be fun and exciting for them. Not only that, but these activities will also help your child when it comes to developing their skills and intelligence. With the help of these activities, your child will be able to improve their skills academically, emotionally, and socially.

The Apple Tree International School has a book corner that allows your child to read a lot of books. You will also be able to find a “small world” filled with toys that they can construct. The discovery table allows your child to explore a lot of items, giving them a very exciting activity. There are also other activities such as physical play, role play, interactive whiteboard, as well as an art and painting area.


The Apple Tree International School in Bangkok is filled with so many facilities that will help your child develop properly. That is why you might want to consider getting your child educated in this amazing kindergarten.