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What are the 2 Best PDF compressor free tools for compressing pdf files?  



Big files sizes can eat up a lot of your precious time because the act of sending and receiving big files is tiresome and daunting.

A PDF compression application may optimally decrease the size of PDF files without sacrificing output quality, allowing for convenient online sharing between diverse parties.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use a powerful online pdf size reducer free to easily reduce the size of your PDF files.


The best PDF processing tool for full-featured PDF processing.

iLovePDF, as the name indicates, is a full-featured PDF modification program that will alter your PDF file to your specifications. iLovePDF is the program to use if you wish to combine or divide a PDF file. If you need to convert a PDF file, you can use this utility.

The pdf size reducer free program is a practical marvel, with an easy-to-use interface that compresses your file while giving you the ability to control the final quality of your file.

Steps to compress PDFs on iLovePDF:

  1. Upload PDF files from a disc or computer system; you can also drag and drop your file directly into the program.
  2. After uploading, choose a compress pdf
  • Less compression: High quality, subtle compression.
  • Compression recommendation: Decent quality, decent compression.
  • High Compression: Excessive compression, resulting in worse quality.
  1. Once completed, save your file to the location of your choice in the system.

Some of the good qualities of this tool are:

  • PDF compression for free
  • Conversion of PDF
  • PDF files can be split and merged.
  • Organize PDF documents

If you want a programm that can do much more with your PDF than just convert it, this is the tool for you. It offers a lovely UI and a lightning-fast processing speed to deliver the needed results.

Small PDF

The best option for all-in-one simple PDF compression.

A tiny PDF is, once again, a fantastic full-featured PDF processing application that provides its customers with more than simply an excellent pdf compressor free tool. The pdf size reducer free tool is simple to use and highly quick. It provides a 14-day free trial for consumers to explore its easy PDF compression as well as other functionalities. However, you must pay a nominal fee to access its sophisticated capabilities.

If you choose Small PDF’s premium edition, you will have access to services such as eSign, file conversion, desktop and mobile app access, and so on.

Steps to Compress a PDF on Small PDF:

  1. Select a file to compress from your desktop or Google Drive.
  2. Choose a compression method to decide the final file size and quality.
  3. Download the file and save it to the chosen location.

Some of the good qualities of this tool are:

  • Compression of PDF documents
  • Conversion of PDF
  • PDF files can be split and merged.
  • Organize PDF documents
  • Browser add-on

We will propose Nominal PDF to customers who are willing to pay a small amount to have access to all of its capabilities. The tool does include some fantastic features that are exclusive to it. It is quick, thorough, and produces results without sacrificing the overall quality of the movie.

As for our recommendations, if you want a fully-featured pdf compressor free application that does more than simply compression, go with iLovePDF or Small PDF. To reduce pdf size, pdf size reducer is recommended.