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Various Fraction Types That You Must Remember Always  



Fractions are significant because they indicate how much of a whole you require, possess, or desire. Many real-world applications of fractions are found in surroundings. In baking, fractions are used to determine how much of an ingredient to use. Time is expressed in fractions; each minute is a fraction of an hour. Fractions assist youngsters in comprehending the nature of numbers and how they interact. A child’s ability to study mathematics will be limited if he doesn’t comprehend how fractions operate.

But gone are the days when learning fractions was a daunting chore. Now the free fraction calculator has made it possible for the pupils to understand the basics of the fractions with the assistance of this free dividing fractions calculator by So let’s get through the read below to discuss the topic more!

Proper Fraction:

If the numerator in a fraction gets smaller than that of a denominator, the resulting fraction is said to be a proper one.

For example:

2/5 and 3/9 are proper fractions. You can also make use of the fraction calculator to resolve any fraction easily and quickly. So why so late?

Improper Fraction:

It is exactly the opposite of the proper fraction. Yes, if the denominator gets smaller than that of the numerator in a fraction, then you can say that it is an improper fraction. Now you could add and subtract any improper fraction in seconds by subjecting it to a free multiple fraction simplifier.


8/5 and 9/2 are improper fractions.

Mixed Numbers:

When there exist two different parts, one being a whole number and the other one being a fraction, then the overall expression is given the name of the mixed number.


The fractions 2 8/5 and 5 4/2 are mixed numbers.


You must keep remembering that every mixed fraction can be only turned into an improper fraction.

Like and Unlike Fractions:

The set of fractions in which the denominator of every fraction is the same are termed fractions and can also be simplified by using a fraction calculator at all. On the other hand, the fraction set in which the denominators of the involved fractions get different are said to be the, unlike ones.

For example:

The fractions 2/8, ⅜, and 6/8 are like fractions. While the fractions 8/4, ⅚, and 6/4 are unlike fractions.

Wrapping It Up:

Here we got through the fraction types that are widely used worldwide and are very important to comprehend. So if your child is not getting a grip over the fraction concept, try making him/her habitual of using subtracting fractions calculator to resolve fractions. No doubt using the fraction calculator will help out a lot in sharpening your child’s ability to learn the concept and simplify fractions problems immediately.

We hope this guidepost will be a part of the context that makes you learn something for sure.

Good Luck!