Tech Tools and Resources for your Summer Learning

Summer Learning

Summer Learning

The summer break is an enjoyable moment for many students. There are various activities which teachers and students take part in during the holiday. During summer, the schools close to prepare for another academic year or another term in the school calendar. Teachers and students get different experiences, such as traveling abroad, interacting with friends and family members, and participating in sporting activities. You can also choose to buy phd thesis that will give you some of the suggestions which are helpful to enjoy your holiday.

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Taking a break

The most important thing to do during summer is relaxing and taking a break. Learning can be a tiring process, and the teachers and students need to refresh their minds before going back to the classrooms. Take time to rejuvenate and recharge by using various digital tools such as;

Slow TV map– where do you intend to visit? The site allows you to select a designed place in the world, and then you watch a clip of driving, walking, or boating tour of the particular area. You may have an experience of various places without packing and visiting the site.

Standard EBooks– there are numerous traveling ebooks that you can download from the internet and take a mental tour around some places you wish to visit.

Connect with friends far from you and play online games- you can use the buzzer system such as Crowd Buzzer, which offers people a virtual buzzer. A record of a friend or family who has buzzed can be traced by providing trivia questions.

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Try doing something new during this summer as a challenge

After much of the classroom work and having a hard time, you have to try something new. Refresh your mind and stay motivated and refreshed. Different technologies may give you a different outlook, including;

Sodaphonic– the website is devoted to help teachers and students to record audio and then edit it online. The website works on other devices, and it is easy to use. You can register a talk with family members, create a great recipe or crack jokes.

Create beautiful presentations with tremendous information that you will make at the beginning of the following school year.

Connect with various people around the world through multiple platforms such as social media. You may share your experience or express your opinion about a particular topic.

Try out different search engines- there are several search engines available on the internet for students to find specific information. Some of the new search engines ti students include DuckDuckGo and Carrot.

Plan for the next academic year

Get prepared for the following term during the summer break by using different features like;

Downloading the Digital Icebreakers TCEA ebook, which has some unique activities with resources, instructions, and templates, is a fantastic experience to explore during the summer holiday. You also learn how to use different tools found on the platform.

Visit YouTube and learn some skills such as artwork and soft skills. Various tutors from different parts of the world teach other lessons.


The summer can be more exciting and stress-relieving to teachers and students to add value to their lives.