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7 Essential Tools That Help Startups Succeed


One big advantage that large and well-established corporations have over start-ups is resources. Most start-ups have limited resources which makes it hard for them to compete with well-established businesses. But thanks to technological advancement, start-ups, and small businesses now have a chance to compete and run a profitable business. In this article, we will discuss

7 tech tools you should invest in for your start-up.

1. Project management tool

Another very important tech tool to invest in for your small business is a project management tool. Most start-ups don’t have the resources to employ enough personnel to supervise crucial departments of the business. Project management tools will not only help to lower your business running costs down but will also ensure that all sectors of your business run seamlessly. Project management software will track your activities, schedule appointments, deadlines, and much more to ensure that don’t forget fulfilling crucial tasks. It will also eliminate the chance of making errors as is the case when you do things manually.

Your project management tool will automatically create reminders and notify you of appointments to help make your work easy. It is a great tool to have if you want to run your start-up business smoothly. It will make your work easy by eliminating guesswork and the need to do tasks manually. It will also lower your running costs and improve the efficiency of your business.

2. Customer relationship management tool

Customers are the core of any business. Your start-up will not survive if you don’t establish a good relationship with your customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool designed to help you track, manage and measure all metrics of your customer relationship and outreach. This tool will help you know who your customers are, what they are looking for in your business, and what you should do to attract and retain them. A good CRM tool will gather and analyze data and provide you with a detailed report to help you meet the demands of your customers.

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3. Vanity number

On top of our list of tech tools to invest in for your start-up is a vanity number. Vanity numbers are phone numbers that are very easy to remember when viewed for the first time. Nowadays, people have a lot on their plates and don’t have time to memorize or write down a business phone number on a notebook or their phone. So, if your phone number is not easy to remember, then your target customers will most definitely ignore your business.

The reason why you need to invest in a vanity number is that they are incredibly easy to remember. Your target customers will easily memorize the phone number when they see it on a billboard even while driving. For example, a vanity number like 1-888- 4343 does not need your customers to write it down in a notebook, they will easily memorize it when they spot it for the first time. It is a great tech tool to invest in if you want to brand your business and make it more visible to your target audience.

4. Accounting tool

Accounting software is basically a tool that performs the function of a bookkeeper or account. This includes invoicing, tracking the business income and expenses, generating necessary documentation for tax returns, and much more.

Accounting is one of the most crucial departments in a business. If it is not run efficiently, then you can incur huge losses that can threaten the survival of your business. An accounting tool will ensure that everything in the accounting department is tracked and recorded accurately. Having this tool will help lower your running cost and increase service delivery.

5. Social media management tool

Another crucial tech tool to invest in for your start-up business is a social media management tool. Today, social media plays a crucial role in determining the success of a business. It is a powerful platform that cannot be ignored. A social media management tool will help ensure that you establish a strong social media presence. It will help manage your social media platforms to sustain your online reputation. Some of the things that a social media management tool will do include engaging with your audience, post-scheduling, evaluating your content performance, and answering relevant questions.

6. Cyber security tool

This is a very important tech tool that is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in determining the success of a business. If you don’t invest in a reliable cyber security tool, then your business will be vulnerable to attacks. Investing in a cyber-security tool during the earlier days of your business will protect valuable data about your business and your customers. Customers also tend to trust businesses that have strong cyber security systems because it guarantees their data protection. Protecting your start-up against viruses and other deadly cyber-attacks is the best way to safeguard your business and that can only happen if you invest in a reliable cyber security tool.

7. Online data storage

The days when businesses used to rely on in-house servers to store their servers are long gone. This method has proven not to be reliable and that is why you should turn to online data storage. The last thing you want is to lose your business data. The best way to guarantee your data safety is by investing in reputable online data storage. This way, you will be sure that regardless of what happens on your in-house server storage, you can still retrieve your data. Cloud-based storage will also allow you to access data easily even when you are far from your business. Backing up your business data online will ensure that you don’t lose your data regardless of what happens to your in-house server.