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Marketing your product on audio streaming services

audio streaming services

audio streaming services

Marketing techniques and methods have evolved over the past decades, and new technologies have emerged that companies can use to successfully promote themselves, the most important of which is voiceover services.  We hear different types of podcasts every day from radio to podcast episodes.

No doubt, they can advertise your product on many streaming webs such as soundcloud, spotify and so on. But to achieve more spreading you need to make sure that you have lots of audience and followers by visiting Jaynike to give your company a professional competitive advantage.

Create a promotional ad.

Statistics indicate that the presence of a video clip in e-mails that are sent to customers increases their readability by 19%, and there is no doubt that the video has become a powerful marketing tool.  As much as the visual content of the video is important in attracting viewers’ attention, the more important is the quality of the accompanying audio commentary, and the strength and effectiveness that the voice brings to the text.

This effect only a professional voiceover can deliver who knows when to use slow rate commenting;  To convey warm feelings or to discuss complex topics, and when to use rapid pace to convey a sense of urgency or urgency or to address a younger audience.

 Caption the values ​​professionally.

You can shoot one minute of good shots using your mobile phone. The product should appear from different angles, or shoot one of the most outstanding products in a 360-degree angle, with a short text that may not exceed 160 words to cover the entire minute. Then send it to a professional voiceover service, for the commentator to add enthusiasm and elegance to the product and its key details.

With this, you have a small professional video clip ready for publishing, which you can use in marketing on your various social accounts. This type of voiceover video adds a lot of value to your ads, especially for exclusive shows and season times, and leads to increased sales and awareness of your brand.

Release the inner sound of your project.

The inner voice refers to the explanatory videos that you post on your website, to convey to your customers the required message dynamically and attractively, and to save them reading dry paragraphs of text.  What informs them more about your products and services.  Your brand’s inner voice represents a slightly different level from the promotional video we referenced in the previous method.

The Inner Voice provides a simple explanation of how your product works, or how to use it, and needs to communicate informative educational content with an elegant, confident but friendly voiceover.  The internal voice of your project may take another form, which is the “Who We Are” video, which includes integrated videos for the members of the team, with an overview of the company’s history, goals and mission, provided by a voice that reflects the company’s personality.

 Add an automatic response message.

A customer may have to wait a while when he calls your business on the phone for the first time, and the automated response message he hears will be one of his first impressions of your business.  In these few seconds, you need a voice that encourages them to stay on the line, and the opportunity to deliver a high-quality marketing message that aligns with your brand values ​​and the feelings you want to communicate to the audience.  This powerful, professional autoresponder message is well suited to all areas of business.

 Record an audio ad

Voice advertising is characterized by being a less expensive option than image advertising, which makes it an economical tool for small businesses. You can broadcast it on podcast episodes that your audience, follows on local radio stations to spread awareness of your brand more widely.