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I Love A Bargain, But Only Buy Expensive Sports Shoes

Expensive Sports Shoes

Expensive Sports Shoes

My friends have always applauded me on my fashion sense, but many of them wonder how I can afford it. I’ll let you in on a secret – most of my wardrobe is from low-cost brands. I don’t mind wearing something that is cheap so long as I can make it look good (and I usually can). However, I draw the line at sports shoes. This is one purchase that must be from a big name brand, in my opinion, and here’s why.

The Point Buying Expensive Name Brand Shoes

Name brand shoes are expensive, but you get what you pay for. I’ve been asked by my friends so many times, why is nobull so expensive – and the reason is simple: quality. Name brand sports shoes are far more comfortable, last longer, and they are also designed to be functional. Cheap shoes are designed to look trendy and the manufacturer never puts in a second thought to functionality.

The thing is, we don’t wear sports shoes just to look cute. The primary purpose of wearing them is to protect you against the likely injuries that intense physical activity entails. Brand name shoes hire experts to make sure that the shoes provide all the protection they can, while also improving your athletic activity (i.e., making it easier to run, or making it easier for basketball players to jump).

Why Generic Shoe Brands Aren’t Worth My Money

Expensive Sports Shoes

Expensive Sports Shoes

You might be thinking that generic shoe brands mimic the big name brands and are likely to give me the same results. So, why wouldn’t I pay less to get the same results? A few years back, I bought a pair of running shoes that were unbranded, thinking the same thing. I was convinced because they looked practically identical to a pair of expensive shoes I wanted, but they cost a fraction of the price. As soon as I put them on, I felt there was something off but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. After a while, and a lot of contemplation; I realized that the insoles of the shoes sloped awkwardly. When I stood on flat ground, I felt like I was standing on a steep slope. The inclines backwards which made me terribly uncomfortable during my runs. I slowly started to cut my runs short, and had terrible pain in my heels. When I consulted a podiatrist, they told me it was probably my shoes. I bought the expensive branded shoes – and my pain went away almost immediately. That was when I decided never to buy generic shoes again.


The bottom line is that generic shoes are made cheaply so they can sell cheaply. Your sports shoes play an incredibly important role in protecting you from injury, so you want the best shoes money can buy you. If you buy expensive shoes, they are more durable and will cost you less in the long run, especially if you factor in the cost of injuries. If you workout regularly, or have any serious interest in doing so – don’t opt for the cheaper shoes.