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5 Advantages of the MTrading Forex Partnership Program

Forex Partnership Program

Forex Partnership Program

Are you an experienced trader who has spent years familiarizing yourself with the ebbs and flows of the stock market? If that’s the case, you might be interested to know that you can earn money online with MTrading Forex partnership program, allowing you to gain a stream of passive income in addition to your main revenue.

How does it work? Well, traders who open an MTrading account can begin earning commission simply by referring clients to the platform. As well as receiving a tidy profit for doing so, there are a clutch of other attractive benefits which make MTrading a premium choice for a trading partnership scheme today. Here’s a closer look at those perks in more detail.

Passive income options

Of course, the ability to earn money without lifting a finger is the biggest draw of any trading partnership program. Those who sign up to MTrading can benefit even further by choosing from three different revenue models:

  •     Earn a share of any earnings made by the referred client, which could reach up to 60% commission depending upon the number of traders referred. The more clients referred, the larger the passive income stream.
  •     Earn a denominational value per lot traded by the referred client. This fixed amount changes depending on the level of trading account associated with them. The more lots traded by referred clients – and the more clients referred – the higher the earnings.
  •     Earn on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. This works via the funneling of traffic to the MTrading website and the completion of a specific action (such as registration, depositing funds, etc.) The value of the CPA earnings will depend on the geographical location of the account in question.

The flexibility of choosing which model works best for you allows you to personalize your partnership program to meet your personal preferences and maximize your earnings as a result.

Unrivalled market access

When you sign up to MTrading and begin making referrals, you can rest assured that both you and your clients will be able to take advantage of premium trading conditions. That means effortless access to the best currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and CFDs out there, making trading as straightforward and stress-free as possible. That user experience (UX) is only enhanced by the complete absence of requotes and the availability of attractive spreads (starting from 0.0 pip spreads available to M.Pro members), giving you and your clients the opportunity to really leverage the market to your advantage.

Advanced trading tools

The whole experience offered by MTrading is underpinned by highly sophisticated software and cutting-edge trading tools. For example, external industry watchdog VerifyMyTrade has certified that the transactions carried out by MTrading meet the relevant efficiency and security standards, allowing you to react to changes in the market in real-time and make safe and speedy adjustments to your portfolio. Meanwhile, the MTrading Partner Dashboard allows you to view both your own activity on the platform and that of the clients you have referred. This gives you unprecedented capabilities in keeping tabs on how your various revenue streams are performing.

Education and influence

Those traders who position themselves as authorities in the industry have much more scope to enhance their passive income streams than others – and MTrading allows you to fulfil that potential. We can help to cover the overhead costs of educational seminars and workshops via our rewarding sponsorship programs. What’s more, our partnership programs allow you to make use of customized marketing material and coordinate your social media accounts to achieve maximum brand exposure… which results in more followers, more referred clients and more earnings for you.

Dedicated customer support

The world of stocks and shares can be a lonely place at times, especially when things aren’t quite going to plan. With an MTrading Partnership Program, you can find advice or assistance to overcome any issues you might be experiencing as and when they arise. Whether you prefer to access MTrading’s helpful customer support via phone call, email or website chat, one of their experienced and approachable team is always on hand to help you thrash out the problem and arrive at a satisfactory resolution.