How to Study Class 9 English To Improve Your Language Skills

How to Study Class 9 English To Improve Your Language Skills

How to Study Class 9 English To Improve Your Language Skills

When students start going for the higher classes it becomes very important to know the basics of the English language. It is very essential to develop good writing and reading skills to have a well-structured grip even in the other subjects as well. Beehive and Moments of class 9 are the combinations of interesting stories and poems. Reading and understanding these content will help the students in their Vocabulary skills. Beehive consists of 11 Chapters and 10 Poems and Moments has 10 chapters

The chapters are unique and contain interesting storylines. Reading is the best way to develop vocabulary skills in the language. You can get the solutions in the English 9th Class Ncert Book which is very precise and comprehensive.

Students often do not give much importance to vocabulary. While they learn the answers and just write them down to score better marks. Of course, the aim should be to score high but don’t you think this language will be used throughout life and more at the professional level. If you have a good vocabulary you will be confident, On the contrary, the lack of vocabulary might make you feel inferior. No one can master it in a short duration. This can be best learned while you are in school. What you develop and learn will always remain. So just don’t learn to score marks but also improve in your conversation also. You can also write better answers if you have a good vocabulary.

Tips to improve language skills.

Reading and writing

The best way to improve and get familiar with the words and the phrases is to read and write.. Make a note of the unfamiliar words and check out the meanings. Start using a dictionary or thesaurus. When you check the meaning of a word you will get to know so many similar meanings. This way you will learn several meanings for a single word. You can make your answers presentable using new words.

Reading Newspapers and Magazines

Make a regular habit of reading English Newspapers and Magazines. Make note of new words which you come across and check the meaning. You can see to yourself that in a few days you would have learned so many words. Knowing the words becomes easier to use in the sentences.

Watching English movies and news

watching English movies and news channels will help you to improve your language skills to a great extent.  Listen carefully and pay attention to the pronunciation. Since there is so much difference in the accent, initially you might not be able to understand but if you spare some time regularly you will be able to understand very well.

Writing essays and articles

Practice writing essays and articles to develop writing skills with proper grammar.


Pronunciation in English is very important. You might know many words but if the pronunciation is not complete then it cannot be understood properly. While you use the dictionary you can even see the pronunciation. Some words are written in one way but it’s pronounced entirely differently in English. So all these minute things have to be kept in mind.

Improving your grammar

Grammar is a subject that many students get confused about due to the complex topics. However, accuracy in grammar is very important for writing and presenting your answers well. Hence it is very important to know the methods to improve grammatical skills.

Reading loudly

Reading loudly is also one of the methods to improve language skills. When you read loudly you also listen, which is very important. Reading helps in all aspects of the language starting from writing to fluency in sentences and vocabulary.

Get a good grammar book

Referring to a good book and going through will give you an idea about the rules to be followed. When you are learning or writing you can always refer to the book to compare and evaluate whether you are on the right track or not.

 Revise and learn

Go through the basics of grammar like parts of speech, article, verb, noun, and active and passive. These topics are learned in the previous classes but lack of practice has made it out of the mind. So review all the topics and practice these through the exercises and the worksheets.


Grammar is just like mathematics. The more you practice the more you are familiar with the usage and you can develop to write a good and error-free article or answers. There are many practice exercises that will be helpful to have a proper grip on grammar. Once you are clear with the grammar topics your language skills automatically improve and you will be confident.  Listening Practice, Reading, and writing are very important but with that even listening to others are also very important. When your teacher explains the chapter or any topic listen carefully and be attentive, When you listen you also learn. Note down the words or sentences which are being taught and know the meaning. If you do not understand then you must clear your doubt immediately.

Proofread yourself

Whenever you are writing an article or essay just read aloud. This will help you catch the errors in between the sentence or some missing words which you might feel if added can give a better meaning to your article or essay. Reading aloud to someone will be still better as sometimes we cannot catch our mistakes but others can point them out and tell. So this is the best way to improve your writing skills. Writing and reading loudly is a simple technique to get into the accuracy of the grammar.


Sometimes you will be good at writing and reading but when it comes to communicating with others you might not be confident, the reason is that you are not used to speaking and communicating in the language. So practice speaking and don’t hesitate that you might speak wrong or right. No one is perfect and it is a foreign language and of course, it will take some time. So go ahead with confidence and talk confidently.