Best Study Guide for Mathematics for 9th Standard CBSE Students

Best Study Guide for Mathematics for 9th Standard CBSE Students

Best Study Guide for Mathematics for 9th Standard CBSE Students

Guide books are an essential part when it comes to any preparation. It acts as a friendly teacher who does not speak but can explain every detail enough to clear any concept. Apart from the textbooks, guidebooks play a very vital role in a student’s life who is going to appear for any board exam or equivalent.

The 9th standard is like a pre-qualifying standard for sitting in the Class 10 examination. Preparation for the Class 10 exam is done right from class 9. Pre-board exams need to be qualified before sitting for the 9th-grade final exam. Therefore, students need to score good grades in pre-board exams as well. They should prepare with proper guidance in order to make their fundamental knowledge very strong. This way they can build a proper grip starting right from 9th class up to their HSLC examination.

Mathematics is a subject which is usually hated by most students. It needs years of education beginning from addition, subtraction up to complex areas like trigonometry where each and every basic concept is required. Every standard teaches new methods and formulas which we somehow use in our next standard. Therefore, mathematics is a requirement in school life and in real life as well. Some students never like mathematics, and it always remains their biggest fear. This is mostly because the students are either not clear with the methods, formulas and their applications.

Any student who has gained adequate knowledge about the basic tips and tricks along with proper concepts can never hate mathematics. It will always seem interesting for him, and he will always find out ways to get involved with mathematics.

To help the students facing difficulties, there are a lot of guide books which provide a huge number of problems along with their solutions. They also include practice papers at the end. Students should always include a guidebook if they want to prepare effectively.

Benefits of using guide books

  • As the standard goes up, the amount of questions in the NCERT books gets limited. Therefore, we must choose guide books that provide a generous amount of practice questions. Solving them will help the students to learn the concepts better. Also, the guidebooks cover the questions of NCERT books as well because of which we can completely depend on these books for the final examination.
  • Board exams are just the stepping stones. It is challenging but with regular efforts and hard work, one can overcome it easily. But the guide books prepare us not just for board exams but also for competitive exams as well.
  • The different level of questions provided in these books ensures mastery level in it. Starting with the easy sums then moving on to the moderate part and then finally solving hard level questions proves that a student has learned the concepts well and can solve any question provided.
  • During our 9th and 10th classes, we get a lot of talent hunt examinations like Olympiad, NTSE etc. Guide books prepare the students for overcoming these types of exams as well.
  • The way in which the concepts are provided in the guidebooks is excellent. Each topic is explained in point to point details and explanations are not dragged. They perfectly stick to the topics.
  • Sometimes concepts are not very clear in classroom lectures and need more explanation and analysis. So one can always refer to guidebooks whenever they have any doubt or lack information.
  • Guidebooks act as our second teacher whenever required. They help us understand the basic concepts without any time limit or human interaction. Students can have access to it anywhere and anytime.
  • Guidebooks have detailed explanations of charts, graphs and other illustrations. Some topics are very complex which cannot be simply understood with the help of NCERT textbooks. Such topics are given in an integrated form in the guidebooks which helps the students to understand the topics in less time.
  • There are some sections at the end of each exercise, namely HOTs (high order thinking) questions. These questions are based on the overall knowledge of the chapter, theories, methods to apply formulas and most importantly to test the understanding capacity of any student. If any student can solve the HOT questions then he or she can solve any question of any level related to that chapter.
  • Also, the guidebooks include sample papers at the end which the students can try to solve with a feel of the real-time scenario by setting up stopwatches and completing the papers within 3 hours just like a real examination.
  • Previous year question papers are also provided in some guidebooks which play a key role while preparation. Many times the same pattern of questions are provided in the examination or even the exact same questions are repeated. Therefore, it is a benefit to any student who has solved question papers of many previous years.

There are numerous options when we talk about guidebooks for mathematics subjects for class 9 CBSE students. One of these books which will be a good option for the students is R. S Aggarwal. His book explains every formula, derivation and question in a very integrated manner. It consists of thousands of practice questions, examples and solutions even for the NCERT textbook questions. It can serve as the best guidebook if practised thoroughly. R. S. Aggarwal books cover all types and levels of sums starting from easy level to hot order thinking questions. It is well known for its vastness. The book also provides many solutions for one single question so that the students can learn different methods and have crystal clear knowledge. RS Aggarwal Class 9 Maths Chapter 1 Solutions to chapter 10, you can also easily find them online these days.

NCERT books are undoubtedly the best books for preparation but to make the basics strong one should definitely use a guidebook that will boost the confidence and also polish the concepts and methods with utmost practice and dedication.