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How to Catch a Cheater Without Them Knowing




The American Association for Marriage and Family estimates that 25% of all married men and 15% of all married women have cheated at one point in their relationship. And, the emotional impact of those extramarital affairs is devastating. These numbers go even higher for people who are dating or engaged, and that’s why you need to stay on top of things to avoid this emotional rollercoaster.

Minspy is a mobile spy tool that gives users access to a target’s call logs, messages, location history, and more without them knowing. It does this by working quietly in the background, recording all incoming and outgoing communication then sends it to your dashboard.

This post dives deep into the operations of Minspy, giving you a glimpse of what to expect.

What is Minspy?

Minspy is a mobile monitoring tool with millions of happy users in 190+ countries. These people use it to track partners, employees, and kids, with most of them leaving shiny reviews whenever they can. It has also featured in top publications, including the Tech Times, Android Central, and the New York Times.

Essentially, this tiny tool populates your online dashboard with pretty much everything you need to know about the target. That means you don’t have to install suspicious apps on your phone or have any special skills to make it work.

Why is Minspy the Best Tool to Catch a Cheater?




For starters, Minspy is super discreet. It comes with an installation wizard that helps you hide the app’s icon from the homepage, so the target will never know it’s there. Thanks to its small size, this app will live on any mobile device for as long as you need it.

However, it is worth noting that Minspy acts as a backup when the target device is offline. It keeps a copy of messages, call logs, and other communications storing the data in a special folder within the phone. It will then push these updates to your dashboard immediately after the target device gets an internet connection.

That said, here are some of the features you access with Minspy:

Call Tracker: Get exclusive access to your target’s call logs, complete with timestamps, contact info, and call durations. This is how you’ll get to know your target’s favorite contacts then use that information to dig deeper.

SMS Tracker: Stay on top of your target’s SMS communications, including any deleted messages. You also get to see any shared media files plus the contact information of the person on the other end.

Location Tracker: This feature places your target on the Google map, giving you access to real-time location history. It uses GPS and WiFi to accurately identify the target’s location, along with Google’s street view images.

Geo-Fence Alert: Create zones and get a notification whenever the target enters or leaves the designated areas. The notifications arrive in your email, and the target device needs to be online for this to work. Still, it keeps a record of all location history then reports it in your online dashboard.

Social Media Spy: Get access to the target’s Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Viber messages. These messages will appear in different tabs on your online dashboard, and you’ll see everything, including the deleted stuff.

Stealth Mode: The app works quietly in the background without leaving signs of spying activity.

Web History Tracker: See what your target has been up to on the internet by getting a complete list of all the websites they’ve visited, including dark web pages, dating sites, and adult content websites.

How to Use Minspy to Catch a Cheater




It starts with creating a free account on Minspy. The website will ask for your best email and a strong password then you’ll get redirected to the subscriptions page. Here, you get to choose between Basic, Premium, and Family subscriptions. Each option has a unique set of features, with Basic having the least offerings and Family has the most loaded feature set. Pay using any major card or go for a wire transfer.

After payment, the website takes you to the download page with a link to the APK that should go into the target phone. You can download it to your device, then send it to your target, or download it directly to the target device.

Of course, you will run into issues installing the APK on an Android phone as it is not from an authorized source. To get around this issue, go to Settings > Screen and Security > then enable “Unknown Sources” and tap Ok. This forces the phone to allow installation of the APK, and you should be good to go.

If you are dealing with an iPhone, you’ll need its iCloud credentials. Enter those on the Minspy website, and you should have full access to the target phone.

Monitoring on Minspy is easy and painless, you log into your account from any browser, and you get an intuitive dashboard with everything sitting neatly on the left side of the screen. Click on any tab to see a complete report on all the incoming and outgoing data.

The dashboard will also show notifications on the tabs with recent activity. For example, if the target has taken a few calls after you last checked, the call tab will show a notification. You can also set up email notifications for geofence alerts if you want to catch the cheater in action.

Over to You

Catching a cheater has never been this easy. You simply install an app in the target phone then get real-time updates without ever touching it again, which is what Minspy brings to the table. Get access to call logs, messages, social media, and location history from the intuitive online dashboard.

What’s more, you can set up a geo-fence alert that tells you when the target visits a particular area. That puts you in the loop in case your partner goes to fancy restaurants without you or when they spend too much time “in the office” after working hours.