Five Relevant Online Business Directories For Small Businesses

Five Relevant Online Business Directories For Small Businesses

Five Relevant Online Business Directories For Small Businesses

Owning a small business is very good, but using relevant online business directories for small businesses is essential. This is because relevant business directories will make your business more visible and increase your brand reputation.  Now that you know the benefit of using business directories check out the following ones that you can use for your small business.

  1. Facebook

This is one of the relevant business directories that you can always access with ease. If you don’t have a Facebook business page yet, then hurry up and create one without a cost.

Much like TrustOrRun, Facebook does not charge a fee to list your business. This business page will enhance the publicity and expansion of your business.

On your business page, you will be able to post everything about your business, such as brand name, address, contact address, etc.

Furthermore, you can post your services or goods as pictures or videos for people to believe in what you do and patronize you.

  1. LinkedIn

One of the biggest professional directories is LinkedIn. Even if your business is small, you are free to use this directory to publicize your business. There is no restriction on the type of business that can use LinkedIn to publicize.

Ensure you have a company page and fill your company details correctly on LinkedIn. You can check other people’s company page to gain insight into what yours should look like.

Create a company page on LinkedIn today and step up your business game without a fee.

  1. Google my business

This is one of the reliable, relevant online business directories for small businesses. It’s popular because it focuses on listing business all over the world. Once you put your business details on google my business, your business will be visible instantly. When people search for what you offer, it will suggest your business to them.

Countless of small businesses are already gaining popularity through google my business. Hence, this is a free and easy-to-go business directory that you can trust. With the fact that it has other businesses all over the world, it makes it easier to take your business abroad and enlarge at no cost.

  1. Glassdoor

Some people like to have an in-depth view of businesses before striking a deal with them.  This is an excellent way of making consumers trust you and choose you over your rivals. If you don’t know about this business directory yet, search for it on google. Signing-up there is very straightforward, and once you have an employer account with them, tell them everything about your business. If there is bad reviews on your profile so you need to get Glassdoor review removal service for making your business profile trustable. Then you are good to go.

The glassdoor is one of the smartest ways to publicize your small business, get it expand, and make it grow without any fee. The site is effortless to use and navigate, as it has a simple interface.

  1. Instagram

You may not believe this. But the truth is that Instagram is proving to be one of the best used relevant online business directories for small businesses. Presently, 200 million and above, are the people using Instagram. Meanwhile, more than 30% of Instagram users have a business account there.  It doesn’t cost you any amount to have a business account on Instagram.

All you have to do is to visit the website and create a business account. Start posting content that will let people know more about your small business. It can be a video or pictures of what you do. In no time, people will start visiting your business page, and from there, your business will grow.


These five relevant online business directories for small businesses are one of the keys you can use to open the door for your business to grow. Without paying any amount, your target consumers will locate you from anywhere in the whole world.