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BVOP Certified Project Manager Review (BVOPM)



Before we review the BVOP Certified Project Manager program, let’s first look at what exactly BVOP is.

What is BVOP?

BVOP means several things at once. First, it is the name of a certification body based in the United Kingdom and operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Second, is the organization’s website. And third, BVOP stands for Business Value-Oriented Principles, which is a rich knowledge base related to modern project management and Agile practices.

BVOP is an Agile and Management methodology at the same time. This exercise was created in 2018 and is the latest project management and Agile methodology in the world.

BVOP Ultimate Guide

BVOP Ultimate Guide is the “manual” or book in which all topics of knowledge of the organization are published. This is a large collection of good practices, advice, ideologies, and processes.

BVOP Ultimate Guide contains several main chapters – Business Value, Program Management, Project Management, Product Management, Human Resources, and Organizational Priorities.

Business value. This chapter presents all the important ideas of BVOP. The contrast between BVOP and other project management practices such as Prince2, PMP, Scrum, and others is described.

The difference between BVOP and other project management practices and certification programs is that Business Value-Oriented Principles cover a much wider range of topics and project management is only a small part of the whole exercise.

Program management is the next chapter with which the more detailed ideas and practices actually begin. The certification organization imposes the idea of ​​merging the PMO office and program management as one common office. Program managers prioritize projects and help all project managers. For their part, project managers help all other teams working on product development.

Project management is the next logical discipline. You will notice that Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd removes many of the old project management practices and processes and creates new responsibilities for modern Agile-oriented professionals.

Product management is the next big chapter that is not just about product development. Those wishing to obtain a project management certificate must also learn this section. BVOP imposes its next idea, which states that project managers must understand the work of product managers and vice versa.

What is BVOP Certified Project Manager

BVOP Certified Project Manager is the title that is printed on the certificates of professionals. The full name of the title is actually Business-Value-Oriented Project Manager (BVOPM). Business value is again the focus of even certificates.

The global spread of this certification program first began in Europe and then quickly reached the United States and Asia. The first publications to write about the BVOP Project Management Certification Program were the American media and, which wrote about the best project management certification programs for 2020.

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Certification process

You do not have to do anything difficult or complicated to get a BVOP certificate. First, you need an account on the platform. We have already explained what the BVOP Ultimate Guide is. The next step is to learn it all and see the exact instructions that you will find in the dashboard of your online account on the website.

Free exams

In order to have the greatest chance of obtaining a certificate, the organization gives all candidates and students free mock exams. This way you can find out exactly what will happen during the real certification exam. Take advantage of all your 3 free mock exams and learn the entire BVOP Ultimate Guide perfectly. These are the only recommendations and actions needed to acquire this new title.

The real certification exam

The real exam “looks and feels” exactly like the mock exams. Let’s tell a little more about him. You will have to answer 60 questions. Each question will be on your screen for no more than 60 seconds. You will have to choose one correct answer. The exam is completely online and is only on the platform. There are no other organizations that offer you BVOP certification exams. Remember that.

Validity of the document

After successfully passing your certification exam, you will automatically receive your certificate. Look for it in the “My Certificates” section of your dashboard. The documents are indefinite and have no validity period. You remain BVOP certified experts forever.

Certification exam prices

The BVOP Certified Project Manager exam costs $ 130 but if you register by the end of this year you will receive a promo code for a discount. This will save you additional costs for your training. Many professionals prefer BVOP because of the low price. Others prefer this new Agile methodology because of its modern vision and continue their training with directorial programs.

BVOP Agile Guide

Now that you know what a BVOP Ultimate Guide is, let’s discuss the BVOP Agile Guide.

Like everything we have described, the BVOP Agile Guide is the book that contains all the topics and practical knowledge you need if you want to get a Senior Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner or BVOP Certified Agile Director certificate. As you may have guessed, the Agile Guide book includes the entire Scrum framework, but the organization has added interesting topics related to Kaizen, Kanban, Lean, MVP, and other topics that every modern professional should know. It is highly recommended that you read this manual as well.

Scrum masters study project management

We mentioned Scrum Master certificates. However, it is good to know that in order to get one, in addition to the BVOP Agile Guide, you must also learn the project management chapters from the first book.

Other certification programs are easier when you already have one certificate

Another very nice feature of BVOP certification programs is that when you receive one document, you can acquire your next license much easier because you have already learned all the topics. The chances of getting your next BVOP degree soon after you already have one are much higher.