How to Learn Swift Programming Quickly and Effectively

Learn Swift Programming Quickly

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Need to learn Swift programming quickly? You don’t have to attend courses but learn from the comfort of your home by using some of the sources presented below. It will take some time to get the topic right but with enough encouragement and great programming homework help by the best specialists from AssignmentCore, for example, you will progress quickly in less than a year!

What’s Apple Swift and Why Do We Need It?

Apple is describing Swift as a programming language that anyone can learn and build creative applications. Indeed it is, but you still need quite a lot of time to get into it and start building something sophisticated. But in some time, you may be the author of the newest Candy Crush. It’s called a language for a reason – you need time and effort.

The best way to learn Swift successfully is to combine both free and paid resources, as well as to practice a lot, putting every new bit of knowledge into your first works.

What to Get Started with?

First of all, check what version of Swift and Xcode you have and whether they are the same in your learning materials. There’s not too much difference, but it’s important to learn and use the same version first.

Then, it’s important to read the Swift documentation that Apple offers. For this, you don’t need anything special like a Developer’s account. Go to Mac App Store and download Xcode to get access to the information.

The documentation will also provide you with loads of reference material, an example of code you’ll be able to write soon, as well as the latest updates of the language in video format for those who are learning it based on other languages they already know.

What Resources to Use for Learning

Here are some of the best resources, both free and paid, you can use to learn Swift.


One of the most convenient ways to learn anywhere, anytime. A lot of people spend hours on the commute, for example, so why not make it useful? Apple offers free learning materials in its library. If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend The Swift Programming Language. The book will tell you everything about the basics of the language so that you feel more familiar with it. There you will also find detailed guides to every feature.

You can also find The Everyone Can Code there, completely for free. The set of materials was created for school and college students. After completing the curriculum, you’ll get valuable knowledge for future job applications in the industries of software development.

Online Courses

There are tons of online courses on Swift. One of the most popular services that provide those is Udemy. Their Swift Bootcamp for iOS 12 has taught over 62,000 students and has around 10,000 ratings.

I’d enrolled, you’re getting access to 527 lectures and an overall amount of 54.5 hours of learning video material. 

The courses at Udemy are paid but if you check out their website regularly, you’ll be able to get a course at a generous discount. 

Other courses worth mentioning are the Swift 5 beginner guide, new features guide, and the additional Swift 5 and iOS 12 courses.

Another service with courses and training that contains a lot of Swift material is Lynda. Its Essential Training will teach you the essence of the language pretty fast. This is a great option for those who want to start building their portfolio as soon as possible.

There, you have to pay a subscription fee of $25 every month, but there are no additional payments for every course in particular.

In case you aren’t sure if the services courses are quite what you need, Lynda offers a preview account for you to get familiar.


If you’re after alternative ways of learning and happen to perceive information in the audio format better, find a podcast about Swift or iOS app development.

The iDeveloper podcast’s main topic is iOS, macOS, and software development for those. The hosts discuss updates, basics, tools, their usage, and more. There are other topics touched like finding a job in the field and monetizing your coding as soon as possible and on the best terms.

The format is very interesting to try. And I’d you find a high-quality podcast, you’ll also have fun as the materials are very engaging. If you listen to a podcast and feel like it’s too technical for you, then focus on the other ways of learning and get a solid basic knowledge first. 

However, try and stay for as long as possible to get familiar with the terms and field-specific slang.

To make sure the podcast you’ve found is interesting enough, read synopses and watch previews for the episodes you like.

Try Creating Your First App

After you’ve gained some knowledge, it’s time to try and create something. Practice makes perfect, remember?

To make sure you keep all the knowledge at hand, use guides, or write notes during the studying process. Don’t expect everything to go super smoothly from the first try. There will be mistakes that will teach you a lot as well!

Also, decide what’s the most interesting OS for you to write for. And during your studies, create small apps and polish, update them to include in your portfolio later.