5 Ways to Earn with a WordPress Blog

WordPress is a free, user-friendly platform where you can manage content, create blogs, and above all, earn in the process. The fact that WordPress powers a large chunk of what you view on the web makes it a popular publishing platform. Even if you are not technically inclined, tap your creative skills and business acumen to start a blog on WordPress.

There are legitimate ways of making money while blogging online using WordPress. Invest your time and efforts to reap favorable returns gradually. To begin with, you need to own a self-hosted WordPress blog with a measured approach. Suggested here are five ways you can make a decent income through this route:

Resort to Affiliate Marketing

You can recommend a service or product to your target audience by incorporating special tracking links in your blog. A referral commission awaits you each time the click on the link is converted to a buy. You may use tools that allow you to auto-replace keywords with branded links and even keep a tab on the performance of these links.

Many niche industries today offer affiliate programs that you can be a part of by enrolling with them. Think of products or services that you frequent, which can potentially attract your readers and subsequently search for relevant affiliate programs. Since there are a host of products and services you can promote, use this option to your advantage.

Write Reviews

Some companies are willing to pay you for writing an encouraging review after trying out their products for free. Ideally, choose products relevant to your specialty, which will be of interest to your readers too.

You can approach companies directly, offering them your paid review services. Alternately, some websites help you connect with potential businesses on the lookout for your kind of services.

Sell Freelance Services

Highlighting the domains you specialize in and the fields your expert knowledge extends to, is an excellent marketing pitch. Post all these relevant details on an exclusive ‘Hire Me’ page on your blog so you can attract interested parties.

From branding, digital marketing, to content writing and blogging, the online freelance services you can offer are endless. It is advisable to include an online portfolio after you start a blog on WordPress and develop a sizable viewership.   Here, potential employers will gain in-depth knowledge of your skill sets and body of work.

Create Sponsored Posts

As long as you have a fairly established blog, advertisers will be open to sponsoring your blog posts. In other words, you get paid to publish the content on your blog.

You must keep your readers informed about sponsored posts so that you do not lose their hard-earned trust. To retain control over the content you create for your audience, avoid going overboard with sponsored posts.

Get Paid For Access

If you are a recognized blogger, you are bound to have a loyal reader base that is open to paying to access your blogs. Restricting access comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Though every member has to pay you a subscription, you have to create premium content to keep them glued.

To benefit monetarily, stay tuned with the demands of your target audience.

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I believe every busy professional can build a successful side hustle, grow their income & live a comfortable lifestyle without all the burnout. Join me as I teach others how to start a successful blog with a full-time job and scale it into a profitable online business.”