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Why Does Adobe Illustrator Need To Be A Part Of Your Tool Kit As A Web Designer?

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When it comes to web design, there is a lot that goes in. There is a variety of tools used in each of the phases of web designing. These phases include planning, wireframing, content creation, and code generation. This is the workflow, a web designer has to follow to create dope websites.

Various tools can work for a variety of projects. Among all these tools, Adobe Illustrator is the best one nowadays. The reason behind the admiration of this designing tool is how it converts a static site into a responsive one. It is a little harder to get on with the process when it comes to working on a static design.

However, it comes with a variety of features and tools that streamline the process and make it a lot easier. You can create anything you desire out with this tool kit, including mockups, content, and even full-blown responsive designs.

Besides this, switching to this tool might be hard because the web design landscape is getting changed with every passing day. Therefore, you need such tools that allow you to create the type of websites that can be optimized for mobiles and offer a cooler yet leaner User Interface.

Hence, the choice of tool should always depend on the project in the process. Choose what suits the needs of your project for success.

Some of the reasons why Adobe Illustrator is loved by professional web design companies, like Web Design Dubai include:

  • Independent resolution
  • No issues with SVG, PNG, GIF, JPG
  • Hosted
  • Icon fonts
  • Perfect pixilation
  • Works with grids
  • Ease to create a wireframe to complete design
  • Work great with raster
  • Symbols
  • Time-saving features
  • Integration of the existing framework
  • The creation of interactive prototypes
  • CSS Extraction

Now that we know why professionals rely on this amazing tool for designing websites, it is time to learn the objectives you can achieve by putting this tool in place. So, let’s get into it.

Benefits Of Using Adobe Illustrator In Web Design: 

Some of the benefits of using Adobe Illustration for designing awesome websites include:

  1. A Variety Of Artboard Dimensions:

One of the biggest benefits of using Adobe Illustrator is the variety of artboard dimensions it offers the users. This is considered one of the most useful features offered by this tool. No matter what the size of your image is, you can process it in Illustrator and achieve what you have in mind.

This tool lets you work with everything from a hero image, thumbnail, or main page of the portfolio. You can even create customized templates in a variety of sizes. Also, you can save these templates to use later in your projects.

  1. A Consistent Palette Of Colors: 

Sometimes, it gets hard to maintain consistency when you design a website. Nevertheless, that is not a problem if you work with Adobe illustrator. You can have a specific color palette for the project you are working on. You can also add the colors you would want to consistently use within your design to the color swatches.

This way, you will not only be able to maintain color consistency throughout, but it would also save the time needed to reference your previous design to choose a specific color. You can arrange different types of colors within different pallets to use in your design projects. For example, neutrals or background colors for portfolio images and mockup design.

  1. Center Alignment Guide: 

Another simple yet extremely useful reason to love Adobe Illustrator templates is that you can create guides for vertical and horizontal centers for your artboard.

You may not have to reference these guides all the time. However, having a few saved can be a great help when the need arises.

  1. Consistency In Typography And Graphic Elements: 

Another great benefit of using this tool is the ease of adding a t-shirt, mockups, and stationery mockups to your illustrator template.

This way, you can maintain typographic and graphic consistency all across your website. you can even save graphic elements you would be using later in your web design.

Conclusive Remarks:

Creating a dope responsive website has never been easier. For any Dubai Web Design or individual web designer, it is important to make Adobe Illustrator a part of their web design tools and expertise.