5 Reasons Why You Should Use PDF Bear in Protecting Your PDF Files

PDF file managing is sometimes hard for many people, but if you use PDF Bear, you can do many things without any hassle. If you are new to PDF Bear, the instructions are easy to follow when using its different tools. You can protect all of your PDF files without doing so much, and those files are easily secured. So here are the reasons why you should use PDF Bear in protecting your PDF files.

How to Protect Your PDF File

If you need to secure your PDFs, upload those PDF files in the conversion tool of PDF Bear. After doing the process, you can start adding the password so that your data is safe and secured. When you apply the changes and done with setting the file’s password, your PDF will be protected and encrypted from people who are not allowed to access your data.

PDF Bear’s protection tool will help you achieve your goal because it operates with up-to-date technology in placing passwords to your PDF. When users upload their files in formats such as Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, or others, they can convert and protect their data at the same time.

Many people don’t possess the needed tools in protecting their PDF files, but if they use PDF Bear, the site’s converters and the cloud can help them preserve their PDF files easily. This platform’s service is quick, and the best tool to make your data confidential and secure. Follow the easy steps below on how to protect PDF using PDF Bear:

  1. Press “Select Files” or drag your file to upload.
  2. You can now place the password that you want.
  3. Hit the “Encrypt PDF” button to instantly begin the process.
  4. Your encrypted PDF is now ready to download.

Upload and Download Encryption

An SSL connection that is secure is being used when you upload your file into the hard-drive system of PDF Bear.  Once your PDF file is created, encrypted, protected, and you are done downloading it, the system will create another connection that is SSL encrypted.

Cloud and Password

If you are using the Adobe Acrobat Reader and you can’t access some of your PDF files, then you can always resort in using PDF Bear to protect your PDF files without putting so much effort. The process is quite simple, you only have to upload the PDF, add your password, and PDF Bear will perform the rest for you. After doing that, you can start downloading the secured and encrypted file.

It Features the 256-Bit Encryption

With this type of technology, PDF Bear’s users will feel more secure about their PDF files’ privacy and security. To ensure that your PDF files are protected, PDF Bear’s system will use 256-Bit encryption as the standard in adding your password. With that said, the chances of bypassing your password are zero to none. It is also an excellent advantage if you compare PDF Bear to other online tools when managing your PDFs.

Accessible to Use and Web-Based

The service that the PDF Bear offer is straightforward and web-based. Anyone can rely on its secure and safe process, and you can use PDF Bear on every platform and operating system. If you’re using Mac, Windows, or Linux, you can enjoy using it anytime you want. You only need a good internet connection, and you can start securing all of your PDF files.


PDF Bear is the most secure, safe, fast, and easy to use online software that you find on the internet. With its help, anyone can split, merge, repair, rotate, convert, and unlock their PDF files easily. It’s free to use, and the uploaded files are all deleted after 60 minutes in the system.