Why using a VPN for Android?

If you want to use or you need to use a VPN service on your computer, the advantages are higher than the disadvantages. This also applies to your Android device. Although it is a hot topic, many people wonder if they should use a VPN on their smartphone. To be able to answer this question, it is crucial to know exactly what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. It is a service that you connect to and can send and receive data over the Internet on your behalf. When you set up and enable a VPN, all your internet traffic will pass through it. Ideally, this traffic is encrypted and only the two parties who need access to the information can use it.

However, what people usually talk about when they talk about a VPN, is that it is a service that helps you protect your online identity. This is possible by intercepting all traffic, making it very difficult to trace it from your location.

Why do you need an Android VPN?

The main reason to get Android VPN is to make sure you have a secure internet connection. For example, have you ever used a free Wi-Fi network in a public space? The problem is, public Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure (even the ones that require you to enter a password). It can allow an experienced hacker to access all the data sent over that connection (including your data). By setting up a secure Android VPN, you ensure that the information you send is secure, no matter how you connect to the internet.

An Android VPN also protects your privacy against, for example, your internet provider, Google and other websites that track your surfing behavior. Many people are unaware of the fact that they are being tracked online. If you’ve ever used the ‘private browsing’ feature in your web browser so that you can compare prices for flights, hotels or other services without being tracked, a virtual private network is just the thing. If you have an Android VPN installed, you can browse privately at any time. Therefore, the only person or entity that knows where you have been on the internet is you.