Why the earphone may not work?

The problems associated with devices without wires are more difficult to solve without special knowledge. It is often unclear what caused the malfunction: low charge, technical breakdown, malfunction of the smartphone with which the device communicates. If one wireless earphone does not work, it is better to approach the issue comprehensively, having considered all possible breakdowns.

Why the earphone may not work?

There are many reasons for disconnecting one of the headphones. They depend on the lifespan of the device, manufacturer and brand. The most common causes of such faults are

  • Low battery. If you do not fully connect the earphone to the box, then it may remain without recharging, and eventually not connect. This problem also occurs if the contacts are dirty.
  • Synchronization issues. One of the earbuds may not connect to the second or to the smartphone. Most often, the problem appears in devices where there is a “main” and “secondary” device.
  • Technical issues. If the earphone falls, shook violently, then it may stop working, although everything else is normal. In this case, you need to contact the workshop, because it is impossible to fix the device at home without the necessary equipment. Checkout the Jaybird Vista review to know its features. 

How to set up sync

If the breakdown cannot be quickly dealt with on your own, and recharging the earphone is not a problem, then difficulties may arise with synchronization. Different devices have different systems for connecting headphones to each other and to a smartphone. To understand it, the user needs to:

  • Check whether the headset keeps in touch with the phone directly or with another headset.
  • If each earphone is synchronized with the smartphone separately, you need to check the list of Bluetooth connections in the phone settings. One of the headphones can simply be disconnected.
  • In cases where one earbud depends on the other, there are several steps to solve the problem:
  • Try to disconnect the main headset from the phone and connect it again. Perhaps the problem is spontaneous.
  • Set up synchronization manually. To do this, you need to perform a combination of clicks on two headphones at the same time. The standard for this is a long hold on the touch button or double quick tap.

When one wireless earbud does not work, the first step is to evaluate the correctness of charging and synchronization. If this is not the reason, you need to contact a specialist.

How will quarantine affect wireless headphones

Earlier, for many users, wireless headphones were more an interesting feature than a real necessity. After the introduction of quarantine, working from home has shown that such a gadget may even be critically needed. Analysts at Park Associates unanimously said that moving companies to telecommuting would significantly increase sales.

Why should sales go up?

How are self-isolation and headphones related? At the moment, statistics on portable devices in the United States are average: about 37% of residents have large, full-size headphones, and 33% have small in-ear headphones. Many did not use such devices due to the lack of the habit of listening to music in crowded places, where such a device is most often used. Now, almost everyone needs headphones, both for work and for everyday activities. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Remote work. When a family member is in an online meeting, he or she needs to be heard by coworkers and his colleagues. If in the house several people work remotely at once, then headphones are extremely necessary so that conferences simply do not interfere with each other.
  • Sound quality. When communicating with someone on the Internet, there is a high probability that the interlocutor will have an “echo” effect, which is unacceptable in business negotiations. Wireless headphones can help you avoid this problem.
  • Personal space. When all family members are in quarantine, the issue of privacy is especially acute. First of all, headphones help to perceive the necessary information individually. You don’t have to share your music, movies or other audio data with others. Also, extraneous sounds do not interfere with others’ rest. In addition, headphones can act as earplugs, protecting a person from ambient noise.

Main advantage of wireless headphones is their versatility. A person is not limited in his actions and movements. He can chat with colleagues or listen to music while playing sports or other activities. This helps to make good use of the time in quarantine. Analysts from Park Associates make their predictions for the future development of the industry. They note that companies that produce smart devices need to turn their attention to controlling voice assistants through wireless headphones.