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Why iOS Version of the Vingo App is Better



Vingo, the best online running/cycling app was launched into Apple’s App Store recently. This is said to be one of the most user-friendly and dynamic versions of the app. Thanks to all the technological updates and software support, the iOS version of the app is faring well compared to other apps in the market.

Let’s see what makes the app good enough for online workouts.

Benefits of the Recent iOS Version the App

Previously, the app was available only for Windows OS. This meant that the app was only accessible in windows mounted tablets and computers. But, after a constant demand from Apple users around the world, the developers released an iOS specific app. With this version they made it possible for the exclusive Apple community to get into the app and enjoy its features.

Get High Fidelity Natural Sound with AirPods

What makes this version of the Vingo app better is the ease of use it offers. The app sits well with iPhones, & iPads and its features like high-definition graphics, high fidelity sounds are enhanced in these devices. This means you can get a more realistic outdoor experience while you use it on your iPhone.

The natural sounds you hear while you cycle with your AirPods, will take you out of your home to all your favourite locations around the world. The plus side to this is that you won’t face any interruptions in your exercise, like the real-life traffic, or the harsh weather that might suddenly show up.

High-Definition Retina Display for Realistic Rendering of Nature

The maps in the app are usually very detailed. They require a good enough processor to be loaded on the screen. The Apple products, with their well-performing processors make sure you get a HD virtual experience in any map you get into.

The whole point of the app is to bring the outdoors to you. And to make sure your outdoors feels good; you will need it to be as realistic as possible. The Apple devices will help you in this regard.

Simple but Elegant User Interface

The app is enabled with a simple user interface. This means you can get around the app very easily and navigate within its features without having to go through a manual, or tips.

As soon as you connect your app with your treadmill, or exercise bike, you can access your account and start your journey into online running or online cycling.

The virtual cycling app has a social connectivity feature too. You can connect all your social media accounts with the app and post your progress online. Also, you can chat with the other users through the voice chat feature, giving you the freedom of teaming up with people who share your interests in exercise.

There’s a lot more to this app. You can enjoy all of its features and get fit in the most futuristic way possible. So, what are you waiting for? Get the latest iOS version of the app & start getting fit already.