When should you see a Physiotherapist?



Seeing a physiotherapist can be a daunting and expensive and many are unsure when their symptoms warrant a visit to a practitioner rather than being self-managed.

Physiotherapists are professional practitioners in treating and managing musculoskeletal injuries, illnesses and disabilities. They are experienced in assessing diagnosing and treating patients in a variety of settings including hospitals, public and private practices and rehabilitation centres.  They are knowledgeable in a wide range of treatments which can improve both an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.  You can see a physio Townsville or anywhere across the country for a number of reasons. Here’s 5 to get your started

1.  When you are unsure of your injury

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal symptoms which you are unsure about you should see a physiotherapist. These symptoms can include swelling, soft tissue tenderness, restricted range of motion, joint instability and pain. A physiotherapist can thoroughly assess your symptoms and make a diagnosis. From this they will be able to establish a course of treatment to remediate these symptoms and ensure you return to optimum health.

If your symptoms are extremely severe call and beyond require immediate attention call 000

2. When you are undergoing surgery

Physiotherapists can play a major role in pre and post – operative care. Prior to the surgery they will be able to prepare your body with strength and conditioning exercises to ensure the rehabilitation process post-surgery goes as smoothly as possible. After the operation is over and your doctor allows you to begin rehabilitation exercises a physiotherapist will oversee your care. The physiotherapist will prescribe exercises to test and improve the range of motion and function of the affected area on your body.

3. When you Injure yourself playing Sports

A large number of sports injuries are related to soft tissue damage. Sprains and ligament damage are extremely common injuries in both youth and adult athletes. Physiotherapists can diagnose and rehabilitate athletes who experience soft tissue injuries and get them back to playing the sports they love. They will also advise on appropriate time frames for return to play and prescribe exercises and management to ensure these injures to not re-occur or increase in their severity.

4. When you require occupational therapy

Whether injured in a critical incident at work or suffering the effects of a repetitive strain injury physiotherapists can provide occupation therapy and rehabilitation.  They are adept in diagnosing and treating injuries to ensure individuals are able to safely return to work and equipped with the appropriate rehabilitation and preventative exercises, so they do not re-injure themselves. Without correct ergonomics many office workers can experience repetitive strain injuries (RSI), however the effect of these injuries can be treated and managed with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists can also provide workers with methods to manage their working practices and reduce the strain their work has on them.

5.  When wanting to improve physical wellbeing

As practitioners in human movement and physical wellbeing, physiotherapists can advise patients transitioning out rehabilitation or clients wishing to improve their general health on the most appropriate forms of exercise and training for their needs.

So, whether you have an injury that requires attention, are preparing for surgery or want to simply improve you physical wellbeing and movement physiotherapists can provide great value to their clients.