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What is the Ideal Age for Your Child to Start Daycare? 



Sydney is a city along the coastline of Australia. It is known for its beautiful harbour where you can see some of its famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Sydney is one of the best places in the country where you can raise your kids. This is due to the city’s great education system, beaches, parks, and fantastic climate. The city also boasts some excellent private and public schools.  

Moreover, Sydney is one of the cities where you can find the top companies in Australia. With that in mind, many Sydneysiders that are employed with these companies are parents to kids under five years old. If you are one of these parents, you need an excellent child care Sydney that can provide care and first educational learning steps for your kids. 

However, one of the biggest questions from a parent is, what’s the ideal age for their kids to start at the daycare centre? Read on to find out:

Some Questions You Need to Answer 

Whether sending your kid to child care is your personal choice or not, it depends on your work demands and schedule, as well as the needs of your child. You need to answer these questions before you decide: 

  • Is it okay for your child to be in the company of strangers? 
  • Is it alright for your child to be in a noisy environment? 
  • Can your child adjust and be comfortable in a new place or environment? 
  • Does your child enjoy playing games and doing different activities with other kids of the same age? 

Answering these questions can help you make a sound decision about whether your child is ready to be in child care or not. The minimum age when a child can start learning depends on the child care centre. Some centres allow babies as young as six weeks, while others only accept toddlers and older kids. With this in mind, you need to find a child care centre that is suited for your child’s age and needs. 

Choosing the Right Child Care Centre Depending on Age 

One to Twelve Months Old 

While babies at these ages need special care from a single caregiver, there are child care centres that provide personalized facilities for infants or babies. Babies need a safe and clean place, allowing them to experience their environment safely. It is vital to choose a child care centre that suits your child’s age as children need time to develop attachment and adjust to their surroundings. Moreover, it is also essential to put your baby to only one centre. 

One to two years old 

Child care centres’ requirement for toddlers is somewhat the same with centres for babies. These little kids explore a lot and need someone who understands them and lets them be themselves.  

People who are going to take care of your toddler should have tons of energy and patience. Choose a centre with a low teacher to student ratio. This allows the toddlers to socialize and interact more with kids at the same age group. 

Three to Five Years Old 

Kids at these ages learn and pick up a social, language and other skills quickly. If you are going to send your child to this age group, you must find a good child care centre in Sydney where the child can be comfortable and safe. Moreover, the centre should also offer many activities that can help them get new sets of skills.  

Each parent has different needs and reasons when it comes to sending their beloved child to a child care centre. This simple guide should help you make the best decision for your child.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, like good music, loves her cat and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.